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Get Your Food-Loving Kid the Perfect Holiday Gift at the ATK Shop
The ATK Kids shop has something just right for every young chef in your life—books, subscription boxes, merch, and more!
Julia Arwine

Need a gift for an aspiring young cook in your life? The ATK Kids shop has what you need to make the kitchen a place for fun and learning, no matter your young chef’s age. Check out some of our favorites.

For Young Chefs (ages 6+)

  • Young Chefs’ Club Monthly Boxes

    Young Chefs’ Club Monthly Boxes
    For kids ages 6 to 12, this subscription box program brings cooking fun to your young chef’s doorstep every month. Each box includes recipes, STEAM activities, games, and supplies that will inspire fun, experimentation, learning, and community in the kitchen. The themes of the boxes include cake decorating, veggies, food texture, and so much more! 

    Plus: Get the ATK Kids Recipe Box to hold all the recipe cards you’ll receive each month!

For Younger Chefs (ages 1 to 8)

  • My First Cookbook

    My First Cookbook
    For kids ages 5 to 8, this book—an Amazon #1 best seller—specializes in easy but delicious recipes to get the youngest chefs started in the kitchen. Each recipe includes photos for every step so that kids can follow along from start to finish!

  • Preschool Chefs’ Club Monthly Boxes

    Preschool Chefs’ Club Monthly Boxes
    With the help of our newest subscription box program, your preschooler can start developing important skills such as motor function, decision making, observation, and more, all while having fun with you in the kitchen!

For Curious Cooks (ages 8+)

  • The Complete Cookbook for Young Scientists

    The Complete Cookbook for Young Scientists
    Why does food turn brown when you cook it? Why don’t oil and water mix? What makes whipped cream so fluffy? Curious chefs will find the answers to all these questions and many more in this cookbook!

  • Kitchen Explorers

    Kitchen Explorers
    This workbook—an Amazon #1 best seller—is packed with 60+ recipes, games, experiments, and activities to bring the kitchen alive and keep kids occupied and engaged.

For Story Time (ages 4 to 8)

  • Peyton Picks the Perfect Pie

    Peyton Picks the Perfect Pie
    Peyton is a particular (not picky!) eater, and Thanksgiving brings the biggest challenge of the year: finding a pie to try that isn’t too gooey, lumpy, chunky, or flaky. Find out which pie is perfect for Peyton and mark the holiday with a story about food, friendship, and family—and a foolproof apple pie recipe.

  • Mitsy the Oven Mitt Goes to School

    Mitsy the Oven Mitt Goes to School
    At her new kitchen school, Mitsy the oven mitt has to face her greatest fear: the oven. A story about trying new things and being brave, this is the perfect bedtime story for young kids who, just like Mitsy, must learn to face new things. Plus, our audio cook-along allows kids to bake chocolate chip cookies with some help from Mitsy.

  • Cookies for Santa

    Cookies for Santa
    While kids leave cookies out for Santa each Christmas, Santa also has a special tradition of making cookies for Mrs. Claus. When Santa’s family cookbook goes missing, that tradition—and all of Christmas—is at stake. Snag this picture book for an inspiring Christmas story and a chocolate “Kringle” cookie recipe!

Bonus: For Looking Cool (ages 3+)

  • ATK Kids Apron

    These ATK Kids–branded aprons are brand new! With both
    youth and preschool sizes available (and adjustable neck straps), kids can even sport this snazzy apron decked out with their favorite ATK characters like Mitsy and the Preschool Chefs’ Club friends as they get cooking in style.

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