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5 Festive Christmas Cookie Recipes to Make This Holiday Season

Beautiful, delicious cookies don’t have to be hard to make.

Published Dec. 14, 2021.

What kind of holiday cookie do you prefer? Is it a simple sugar cookie, or something spice forward with a gingery kick? A sandwich cookie, or one you can decorate yourself?

Whatever your cookie preferences, we have a delicious Christmas cookie recipe for you. Here are five of our favorites.

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1. Dulce de Leche and Cinnamon Sandwich Cookies

dulce de leche and cinnamon sandwich cookies

Dulce de leche and cinnamon are popular flavors in Latin culture. This recipe boosts the flavors of a simple cookie dough with cinnamon and anise, followed by an additional boost of cinnamon in the rolling sugar (think snickerdoodles, but better). While it also calls for store-bought dulce de leche to save time and effort, feel free to make your own with our Dulce de Leche recipe. And since drier, stackable cookies are easier to pack and ship, these cookies make a great care package. (As an added bonus, the spice flavors tend to mature over time so they will taste even better by the time they get to their destination.) → GET THE RECIPE

2. Easy Holiday Sugar Cookies

In this foolproof recipe, the food processor is your friend. Superfine sugar improves the finished cookie’s texture by mitigating the graininess. Plasticize your butter by whizzing it cold and watch how quickly the dough comes together. Make these delicious cookies as elaborate or simple as you like ahead of time, and send them to your loved ones. → GET THE RECIPE

3. Coconut Snowmen

This recipe couldn’t be simpler. For an adorable yet delicious twist on iced sugar cookies, we added a bit of brown sugar to the dough for depth. The snowmen make themselves in the oven by merging as they spread on the baking sheet.  Processed coconut clings to the cookie with a simple glaze of confectioner’s sugar and milk. Mini chocolate chips make the eyes and buttons and add a dash of flavor. The hardest part is waiting 30 minutes for them to dry before eating them. → GET THE RECIPE

4. Belgian Spice Cookies (Speculoos)

If you haven’t tried these light and crisp spiced cookies, this recipe will bring you a pleasant surprise this holiday season. Belgian brown sugar can be hard to find, so we achieved that caramelized flavor with turbinado sugar. Thinly rolling the dough and adding double leaveners helps these crispy cookies puff to an airy crumb. They burst with warm cinnamon, cardamom, and clove flavor. → GET THE RECIPE

5. Meringue Christmas Trees

meringue christmas trees

Seriously, how cute are these cookies? They are not as intimidating as they look. Start with a whipped egg white base with green food coloring added at the end. For an easy and foolproof way to shape the trees, pipe 3 stars. (We’ll show you how.) To trim the tree with colorful “lights” and “ornaments,” use multicolor nonpareils and yellow sugar stars, but you can decorate however you like. Finally, cut a small hole in the bottom of each tree and snuggly affix a Hershey's Kiss (with the help of some melted chocolate) to serve as the trunk of our tree. That’s it! → GET THE RECIPE

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