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Why Gobi Manchurian Belongs At Your Super Bowl Party

Easy to make, easier to eat, this party dish deserves pride of place in your game day spread.

Published Jan. 18, 2022.

Sliders. Wings. Dips. Sometimes the food you score at Super Bowl parties can be better than the touchdowns themselves. But don’t you feel like, sometimes, the spread could be spiced up a little?

Enter: Gobi Manchurian.

The first thing I’m going to ask of you is to not turn up your nose at the thought of a veggie-forward game-day snack. The second thing I’ll ask is for you to please just taste the damn thing. Because you’ll need nothing else to convince you that this snack will have you and your fellow sports lovers coming back for seconds, thirds, and fourths; if only for that satisfying tempura crackle and delicious deep-fried flavor.

Gobi Manchurian

This satisfying, multitextured dish is perfect for sharing—or eating all by yourself.  
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Gobi Manchurian has its roots in the Chinese immigrant communities of Kolkata, India, but is truly a multinational dish which has been embraced by many American states. The spicy, umami-rich sauce doesn't just look beautiful, with its reddish-orange glow, but it adds brightness to the deeply savory, deep-fried florets of cauliflower.

The mix of crispy and soft textures make for a unique eating experience, and makes the dish truly moreish.

This salty-sweet interplay in the dish evokes memories of a booth at your favorite fast food joint, squirting tangy condiments onto crunchy fries and popping the steamy-hot morsels into your mouth with that satisfying crunch.

And even better? The recipe is super easy, as all you’ll have to do is dunk your battered cauliflower in hot oil before fishing it out and throwing it into your sauce. It’s ready, on the table in less time than Tom Brady can make a game-winning touchdown.

For those of you who just can't stand waiting until game day to make this mouth-watering dish, here's how you can whip it up tonight:

In short, Gobi Manchurian will steal more attention from the game than Beyonce at the half-time show. Because, let’s be honest: the real Super Bowl is that bowl of tangy, crispy cauliflower everyone will be fighting over at your game-day party.

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