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ATK Kids

Sail Away to Gooey Dessert Island with S’mores Banana Boats

Recreate this campfire classic right in your oven.
By Published Jan. 28, 2022

There comes a point every winter when I’m ready to swap my snow boots for sandals and my beanies for baseball caps. And that point happens to be right about now. Naturally, I feel the same way about food—after all, how many pots of soup can one person make?

Now, there’s no chance I'll take a stroll in my Birkenstocks just yet, but what I can do is cook a little something that will, if even for a moment, take me back to the dog days of summer. Something like S’mores Banana Boats, a campfire classic that the ATK Kids team brought indoors when developing The Complete Baking Book for Young Chefs.

For the uninitiated, the inspiration for this summery dessert came from Girl and Boy Scouts, who would open bananas, add chocolate and marshmallows, wrap them in foil, and throw them into a fire to cook. Our oven version is much more convenient and just as delicious. Plus, a sprinkling of crushed graham crackers adds a nice little crunch to contrast with the custardy banana and gooey marshmallow and chocolate.

Bonus: Chocolate and banana are proven to boost your mood—just what we all need in the dead of winter.

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