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Keith Dresser’s Favorite Recipes: Thin-Crust Pizza and Easy Pancakes

The Cook’s Illustrated executive food editor on how pizza and pancakes have changed his cooking game.

Published Feb. 3, 2022.

Keith Dresser is a recognizable face on our flagship TV show, America’s Test Kitchen. Did you know that he’s also the executive food editor for Cook’s Illustrated? When I asked him for his favorite recipe, he brought up two that he loves cooking for his family: Thin-Crust Pizza and Easy Pancakes.

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So Keith, what’s your favorite ATK recipe?

Keith Dresser: It’s really hard to narrow it down. For starters,
I’m not a baker. And when it comes to savory stuff, I usually don’t use recipes. But, the one I’ve used the most is (former Cook’s Illustrated test cook) Andrew Janjigian’s Thin-Crust Pizza. That recipe has changed my pizza game as a cook.

I’ve never made this recipe before. Sounds like I must! What’s the best part about Andrew’s Thin-Crust Pizza?

KD: For starters, the flavor is outstanding. The dough requires an overnight rest and the fermentation creates a ton of flavor. It also makes it much easier to work with. It comes out cold and it’s fun (and supereasy!) to roll out. Store-bought dough isn’t like that at all. 

It’s one of those things where if you can get close to restaurant take-out pizza without a lot of work then that’s a win.

Any other favorite recipes?

KD: Yes. Lan Lam's 
fluffy pancake recipe. I make these a lot with my kids. It’s funny—when you have such a perfect go-to recipe, your kids develop a preconceived notion about what a fluffy pancake is.

So this recipe has sort of spoiled them?

KD: Yes. (In a good way.)

I know we don’t often steer away from the “rules,” but these are pancakes so I gotta ask: Do you and your family ever add your own spin?

KD: Chocolate chips are our go-to. Mini chocolate chips, to be specific. Otherwise they burn. Sometimes a little malted milk powder makes a great addition, too. It adds a little bit of extra sweetness, as well as more color. It’s not an overt flavor. It’s subtle, which makes it a nice background to the vanilla.

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