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These Chocolate Brownie Cookies Are So Good, They Made Me Cry

The chewiness plus the superchocolaty flavor of a brownie equals a cookie that just might make you shed tears of joy.

Published Feb. 4, 2022.

There’s no point in burying the lede: These chocolate brownie cookies are so good, they literally made me cry the first time I ate them. At work. In front of coworkers I had only started working with a few months prior. 

As our small team gathered around the cookies to try them for the first time, I took my first bite. I remember my first thought: “It feels inappropriate to be eating these at work.” I remember what I first said: “What is happening inside my mouth?” And then I remember my very-new-to-me colleagues turning to me as I started crying. This is not hyperbole. Literal tears. Folks, they were that good. 

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Thankfully, working at America’s Test Kitchen Kids means that my colleagues were delighted by me crying over how good the cookies were, and continue to bring it up to this day. 

This is not hyperbole. Literal tears. Folks, they were that good.

I personally try not to make these cookies too often, lest I take them for granted. (And given how simple this recipe is since it was developed with kids ages 5 to 8 in mind for My First Cookbook, it’s tough not to make them whenever the craving strikes.) But, every few months, there’s a day deserving of ultrachocolaty, chewy brownie cookies.

While we recommend letting them cool for 30 minutes, I prefer to eat them shortly after they finish baking when the center is not quite set, and tastes like molten brownie batter. And, a sprinkle of flaky sea salt on top is never out of place.


Kids Chocolate Brownie Cookies

Stuffed with three kinds of chocolate, kids and adults alike will love making—and eating—these brownie-like cookies.
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