10 of Our Favorite Instagrams from 2016
We're always blown away by the food photography skills of our fans. Here are some of the most impressive examples from the past year.
America's Test Kitchen

We love our fans for many reasons, not least of which are their beautiful Instagram feeds. They make the recipes from our books and magazines and television shows in their own kitchens, and then make them look beautiful with their cameras. We love following along and seeing how our fans interact with our recipes and how each individual's aesthetic taste dictates how those recipes are framed within the context of their daily lives. Below, we've compiled a list of 10 of our favorite fan posts—or #atkgrams, if you will—from 2016. 

1. @hummingbirdhigh makes chocolate chip cookies from Cook It In Cast Iron 


2. @abrowntable makes a pear and caramelized onion tart, also from Cook It In Cast Iron 

A photo posted by Nik Sharma (@abrowntable) on


3. @missalyss2 makes Pao de Quejo (Brazilian cheese bread rolls) from The How Can It Be Gluten Free Cookbook 

A photo posted by missalyss2 (@missalyss2) on

A photo posted by Sadara Evans (@sadaraevans) on


5. @dianastaub makes Cook's Country's Spicy Cheese Bread  

A photo posted by Diana Staub (@dianastaub) on

6. @sallysbakeblog makes chocolate chip cookies from Naturally Sweet 

A photo posted by Sally 🍰 (@sallysbakeblog) on


7. @chezlarae makes challah from Bread Illustrated 

A photo posted by LaRae (@chezlarae) on


8. @rvolynsky makes Cook's Country's Potato-Sauerkraut Pierogi 


9. @apleasantlittlekitchen makes popovers from Bread Illustrated 


10. Finally, @steveklise (OK, this one's a ringer—Steve works in the photo department at ATK) snaps a photo of a whole hog roast, which later served as the main course at the wrap party for the filming of the 2017 season of Cook's Country TV 

A photo posted by Steve Klise (@steveklise) on