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Make DIY Brownie Mix with Just 5 Pantry Essentials

Get extra brownie points by making the mix from scratch.
By Published Feb. 11, 2022

In my opinion, brownies are the reigning champion of baked goods. Chocolaty, chewy, perfectly portioned, and relatively easy to make, as a kid they were always my go-to both to bake and buy at my school’s bake sales. 

Back then, I would always work from a boxed mix. But now, thanks to a recipe from The Complete DIY Cookbook for Young Chefs, I can make my own mix with baking ingredients I always keep on hand. Though box mix sure is convenient (and it still makes great brownies), this recipe gives me the satisfaction of eating something 100 percent homemade—and, it only requires an additional 10 minutes of work. Plus, if you have kids, it’s a fun and easy recipe to do with them!

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These brownies are extra-chocolaty (just how I like them), thanks to the combination of semisweet chocolate chips and Dutch-processed cocoa powder. Unlike natural cocoa powder, Dutch-processed cocoa is alkalized, which means its pH level is higher. That higher pH gives the brownies a fuller chocolate flavor and a deeper brown color—plus, it keeps them from becoming dense. Don’t skip out on it!

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