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Cooking Classy Gets Dinner on the Table with One-Pan Wonders and her Dutch Oven

Cooking Classy gets dinner on the table with One-Pan Wonders and her Dutch oven.

Published Feb. 3, 2017.

One-Pan Wonders is a fresh, modern collection of 138 recipes that makes the most of your skillet, sheet pan, Dutch oven, casserole, roasting pan, or slow cooker to deliver dinner with a minimum of fuss. Here in the test kitchen, we saw one-pan recipes as the ultimate challenge. With a clear goal in mind, we set out to streamline our favorite dishes (and think up a host of new ones) for an inspiring range of satisfying meals.


A Dutch oven is a kitchen essential, and when coupled with our newest release, One-Pan Wonders, this vessel becomes a kitchen workhorse. One-Pan Wonders boasts a chapter dedicated to Dutch oven cooking—armed with this, blogger and home cook Jaclyn of Cooking Classy got to work. Up first: our Quinoa and Vegetable Stew.

“I’ve been anticipating the release of this cookbook—you know how I love my one pan meals,” writes Jaclyn. “Plus, I’ve long been a fan of America’s Test Kitchen, so for me it’s a match meant to be.”

In One-Pan Wonders, we streamline our favorite dishes for an inspiring range of satisfying meals.

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“This book if full of recipes that will get you excited about cooking dinner again, and I love that they test and re-test each recipe until they’ve perfected it,” writes Jaclyn.

Quina stews are one-pot meals beloved in several South American regions, but as our test cooks found while developing our version, many authentic recipes call for hard-to-find ingredients. To simplify the test kitchen’s take on the quinoa and vegetable stew recipe, we use an easy-to-navigate ingredient list and maintain traditional flavors with the help of paprika, cumin, and coriander.

“This hearty stew is packed with nutritious ingredients, and the flavors are spot on delicious!,” writes Jaclyn.

We set out to make a simple stew with traditional flavors but an easy-to-navigate ingredient list.

To round out the quinoa and vegetable stew recipe, we include red bell pepper, tomatoes, red potatoes, sweet corn, and frozen peas, providing a colorful mix of vegetables. When serving, we suggest sprinkling individual portions with traditional garnishes of queso fresco, avocado, and cilantro.

This recipe deserves a place in your regular dinner rotation, and Jaclyn agrees.

“I thoroughly enjoyed this Quinoa and Vegetable Stew and I can’t wait to try more recipes from One-Pan Wonders!”

What's your favorite Dutch oven recipe? Let us know in the comments! And for more on Dutch oven cooking, read these posts: 

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Cooking on busy weeknights is a heavy lift—it’s easy to be deterred by time-consuming prep before and a sink full of dirty dishes after. One-pan meals would be a great solution, if they didn’t result in bland, mushy food. The test kitchen solved these challenged to create One-Pan Wonders, a collection of inspired, family-friendly recipes for even the busiest home cooks.  
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