I Cook Chicken Wings in the Microwave. And They’re Delicious.

Microwave cookware has improved dramatically. We've made lobster tails, sloppy joes, and even chicken wings.

Published Mar. 13, 2022.

Yes, I cook chicken wings in the microwave. You can, too.

I’d always seen my microwave as a way to reheat leftovers, cook popcorn, and occasionally steam vegetables. If you told me I could cook sloppy joes, lobster tails, and chicken wings in the microwave, I would have scoffed.

Not anymore. After testing the Anyday microwave cookware set (using the brand’s collection of free recipes), my eyes were opened to a whole new, microwaveable world. (By the way, that old Pyrex set you inherited from your grandmother or a microwave-safe bowl and lid or plate will do just fine.)

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I made Anyday’s Honey Mustard Chicken Wings, and they were surprisingly delicious. No, you don’t get crispiness like you would with deep-fried wings. But you get juiciness and incredible tenderness, as if they’ve been slow-cooked (except, well, in less time). 

I made dozens of dishes while testing this set of microwavable cookware. Here are a few tips I’ve picked up about microwave cooking.

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  1. Know your wattage: Knowing your microwave’s wattage (power strength) is important since it dictates how long you need to cook certain foods. While the Anyday website’s recipes do the conversions for you, you can also use handy charts such as these
  2. Stir frequently: If you’re cooking something like scrambled eggs or sloppy joes, giving your food a stir after a few minutes ensures even cooking and avoids any burnt spots. 
  3. Start small: If you’re nervous about microwave cooking, start small. Cook frozen vegetables or cut-up potatoes (just put how much you want in your microwave-safe bowl; sprinkle it with salt; cover it; and cook it for a few minutes, checking after a minute or two). Another good rule of thumb is to start with small time increments, a minute or two, and then check and add more time in small increments as needed. 
  4. Don’t forget dessert: While you can use the microwave to cook dinner, why stop there? It’s also a great way to make a quick dessert (banana bread, peanut butter–chocolate lava cake, pineapple upside-down cake, cake in a mug) with less mess.
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