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Christie Morrison’s Favorite ATK Recipe: Fresh Tomato Galette

She’s an ATK star and an avid tomato lover. No wonder this buttery tomato galette is one of her favorites. 

Published Mar. 21, 2022.

Christie Morrison is a familiar face on Cook’s Country and our online cooking school. When we asked about her favorite ATK recipe, her mind went to a summertime stunner of a fruit: the tomato. 

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So Christie, what’s your favorite ATK recipe?

Christie Morrison: I’d have to say one of my all-time favorite recipes is Alli Berkey’s Fresh Tomato Galette. It’s both supereasy and impressive looking. 

The downside to this recipe is you can only make it when you have really good tomatoes. But to me that’s also the upside because it’s a recipe I get to look forward to in the summer. You’re given a small window of tomato deliciousness. 

OK. Yum. What do you love about it?

CM: Any time you have a good vessel for fresh tomatoes, I’m in. When tomato season comes and you’re looking for something to do other than a tomato sandwich, it’s just an interesting twist on tomatoes. Not that there’s anything wrong with a tomato sandwich!

I also love the Dijon mustard and Gruyère. They’re unexpected! We often use fresh mozzarella and pesto with tomatoes, so this is a nice change. 

What advice would you give someone making this for the first time?

CM: Wait until you have really good tomatoes—they’re the star after all! It’s a waste of a really good pie crust if you’re using out-of-season tomatoes that taste like cardboard.

And trust the cheese and mustard! The Gruyère and the mustard play up the savoriness of the galette to contrast with the sweetness of really good tomatoes. It doesn’t sound like a combo you’d usually pick, but it really works. 

Would you ever deviate from the recipe?

CM: I wouldn’t. Oh! You could throw some fresh herbs into the pie crust! But it truly doesn’t need it. It’s a brilliant recipe, perfect as is.

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