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This one-of-a-kind program gives you sneak peeks of in-development recipes in return for your honest feedback.

Published Mar. 22, 2023.

When we say our recipes work, it’s because they have been tested by real home cooks (40,000 and counting!) of all skill levels before they appear in our magazines, websites, or books or on our television shows. All are welcome! Learn more about the one-of-a-kind program and sign up to join below.

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How It Works

Every America's Test Kitchen recipe starts in our test kitchen. After weeks or months of research and recipe development—which means testing and tweaking a recipe dozens of times so that it checks all the boxes: delicious, easy to follow, and failproof—we pass it on to our volunteer at-home recipe testers for their feedback.

As a recipe tester, you will be emailed in-development recipes. Recipe testers will receive one recipe per month on average. You can choose what to test; you are not required to test any or every recipe (but we hope you’ll want to!). When you test a recipe, please take the survey that accompanies it to tell us what you think. We will ask you questions about ingredient substitutions, recipe clarity, yields, and timing. And you get to rate the recipe. 

Occasionally, we’ll ask you to help us check ingredient availability at your local grocery store. We do this to ensure that the recipes we develop use ingredients that are widely available to all of our readers.

In order to be published, recipes have to achieve an 80% “make-again score.” That’s right! Four out of five cooks who prepare a dish have to tell us they want to make it again. If not, the recipe goes back into the test kitchen for further work. 

Want to see this program in action? Check out this video from CBS' Sunday Morning.

How to Join

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Thank you for your interest in America’s Test Kitchen and our one-of-a-kind recipe tester program! We hope you join our family of at-home testers. Let us know if you have any questions about the program.

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