You Spent $20 on Pâté and Nobody Touched It. Here’s How To Use It Up.

Unfortunately you’ve got leftover pâté. Fortunately, we’ve got leftover pâté solutions. 

Published May 2, 2022.

Let's set the scene. You’ve made a beautiful charcuterie board for your guests. The platter is full of cured meats, cheeses, briny things, crunchy things, and a bowl full of yummy pâté. Before you know it, everything is gone.

Well, everything except for the pâté. 

You added pâté because you love pâté. I love pâté, too. (Pâté lovers unite!)

Unfortunately it’s not for everybody. And nothing’s worse than spending lots of money on something no one touched. Fortunately, America’s Test Kitchen TV cast member and food stylist Elle Simone Scott is here to help.

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Here are some ideas on how to use up your leftover pâté: 

Bistro burger: Spread a burger bun with a layer of chicken liver mousse for a luxurious topping.

Banh mi: Use extra chicken liver mousse as the pâté layer in a homemade banh mi sandwich, or spread it on the crust of a classic store-bought banh mi.

Bagels: Spread any leftover smoked trout pâté on toasted bagels (with or without cream cheese).

Grilled cheese: All the same ingredients as in the board, now in melty handheld form: Add a layer of pâté (and a slick of mustard) before assembling and griddling.


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