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A Pleasant Little Kitchen Finds the Key to Weeknight Steak and Potatoes

Rebecca White found that she could create an elegant, stress-free weeknight one-pan wonder in just 30 minutes.

Published Mar. 16, 2017.

One-Pan Wonders is a fresh, modern collection of 138 recipes that makes the most of your skillet, sheet pan, Dutch oven, casserole, roasting pan, or slow cooker to deliver dinner with a minimum of fuss. Here in the test kitchen, we saw one-pan recipes as the ultimate challenge. with a clear goal in mind, we set out to streamline our favorite dishes (and think up a host of new ones) for an inspiring range of satisfying meals.


Rebecca White of A Pleasant Little Kitchen loves our recipe for New York Strip Steaks with Crispy Potatoes and Parsley Sauce from our recent publication, One-Pan Wonders.

“While perusing One-Pan Wonders, I zeroed in on New York Strip Steaks with Crispy Potatoes and Parsley Sauce. The recipe practically popped off the page. It fit my exact craving.”

"Steak and potatoes have been a staple all my life, and there are many memories attached to this spread."

In One-Pan Wonders, we cut out excess steps where we could, discovering new ways to bring old favorites to the table. This recipe delivers a steakhouse-worthy dinner to your table that is simple enough to be a weeknight treat.

“Bonus points for this recipe: it’s a one-pan wonder that not only involves New York strip steak, but also potatoes,” Rebecca writes. “It’s even been flagged as a weeknight appropriate meal (aka fast). My food universe is aligned. This recipe was made for me and my kitchen—especially on a busy weeknight.”

A weeknight meal, our New York Strip Steaks with Crispy Potatoes and Parsley Sauce is both quick and elegant.

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During recipe development for One-Pan Wonders, we took “one-pan” quite literally. Each chapter centers on a different vessel to show the range of its possibilities, and aside from using a few mixing bowls and a food processor, these meals are truly all made in just one pan.

Rebecca, who was raised on steak and potatoes, knew what she wanted from the book. One-Pan Wonders did not disappoint. 

“When I got my hands on One-Pan Wonders, I was on a mission to seek out a meal that was quick and satisfied my weeknight steak cravings,” she writes. 

My food universe is aligned. This recipe was made for me and my kitchen—especially on a busy weeknight.
Cooking the steaks to medium-rare keeps the meat moist and tender.

For our weeknight version of this dinnertime staple, we sear the beefy, well-marbled strip steaks in a hot skillet until well browned. For a perfectly crisp side of potatoes, we cut red potatoes into wedges and jump-start their cooking in the microwave. Using the meaty juices left behind in the skillet, we imparted some flavorful browning onto the wedges, giving them an appealing golden hue and a crisp bite. Drizzled with our punchy parsley sauce, these perfectly seared steaks could give any steakhouse a run for its money.

A fresh new take on an old favorite: One Pan Steak And Potatoes.

“I highly value recipes and cookbooks that come from America’s Test Kitchen. There is never a doubt that the recipe will be a success. America’s Test Kitchen is synonymous with quality, and their newest cookbook, One-Pan Wonders, continues this well-deserved expectation.”

Make Fuss-Free Meals Using Just One Pan

One-Pan Wonders

Cooking on busy weeknight is a heavy lift–it's easy to be deterred by time-consuming prep before and a sink full of dirty dishes after. One-pan meals would be a great solution, if they didn't result in bland, mushy food. The test kitchen solved these challenges to create One-Pan Wonders, a collection of inspired, family-friendly recipes for even the busiest home cooks.   

What's your favorite one-pan weeknight meal? Let us know in the comments! And for more on cooking full meals in one pan, read these posts: 

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