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A One-Pan Meal Just Right for The Recipe Rebel’s Dinner

Our go-to one-pan beef and bean chili recipe is great because it employs common pantry ingredients—and also cuts down on dishes!

Published Mar. 30, 2017.

One-Pan Wonders is a fresh, modern collection of 138 recipes that makes the most of your skillet, sheet pan, Dutch oven, casserole, roasting pan, or slow cooker to deliver dinner with a minimum of fuss. Here in the test kitchen, we saw one-pan recipes as the ultimate challenge. With a clear goal in mind, we set out to streamline our favorite dishes (and think up a host of new ones) for an inspiring range of satisfying meals.


One-pan recipes make some pretty big promises. In our newest release, One-Pan Wonders, we streamline our favorite dishes for an inspiring range of satisfying meals, and we couldn't think of a more satisfying meal than a bowl of chili on a cold winter evening.

Ashley Fehr from The Recipe Rebel recently grabbed a copy of One-Pan Wonders and made our recipe for Beef and Three-Bean Chili. “I just can’t resist a hearty slow cooker meal in the middle of February. You know?” We definitely know what you mean, Ashley! 

Serve this easy, family-friendly chili with your favorite garnishes.

The fact that she could use simple pantry ingredients—and wash fewer dishes—convinced Ashley to use her slow cooker to make our easy, family-friendly Beef and Three-Bean Chili.

“What I love about this recipe is the simple ingredients,” Ashley writes. “Yes, you can add all kinds of things to it and tweak it to your tastes—add in veggies, other spices or seasonings—but I just think it’s the perfect go-to chili recipe.”

Canned tomatoes and beans eliminated prep work and were full of flavor after hours of gentle simmering with the spices and aromatics.

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To ensure full flavor and smooth texture we use onions, chili powder, and oregano and microwave the ground beef, onions, and spices for a few minutes first before adding it all to the slow cooker, creating coarse crumbs and preventing grainy meat.  

“This Slow Cooker Three Bean Beef Chili is a hearty, protein-loaded meal for any night of the week!" writes Ashley. "A microwave shortcut makes it a one pot meal and cuts down on prep time . . . This cookbook is perfect for those who are short on time (or hate doing dishes) but want big flavor, and are tired of the same old one pan recipes.”

Make Fuss-Free Meals Using Just One Pan

One-Pan Wonders

Cooking on busy weeknights is a heavy lift—it’s easy to be deterred by time-consuming prep before and a sink full of dirty dishes after. One-pan meals would be a great solution, if they didn’t result in bland, mushy food. The test kitchen solved these challenged to create One-Pan Wonders, a collection of inspired, family-friendly recipes for even the busiest home cooks.  

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What's your go-to weeknight one pan recipe? Let us know in the comments! 

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