The One Kitchen Tool You Need for Magnificent Margaritas

Margaritas and other citrus-based cocktails require lots of juice. Our winning manual citrus press is the best way to extract it. 

Published May 17, 2022.

In my opinion, margaritas are the perfect drink. A hint of sweetness from the sugar or liqueur, saltiness from the (essential, in my opinion) salt rim, and of course the punch of sour flavor from freshly squeezed lime juice all combine to make a refreshing and tantalizing cocktail. Not to mention: tequila! Need I say more?

I’ve made my fair share of margaritas—while many people save margarita drinking for the height of summer, I’ve been known to mix up margaritas in the depths of a frosty Maine winter (or basically year-round). But as much as I love margaritas, I don’t love the tediousness of squeezing all that citrus—our Best Fresh Margaritas (my go-to recipe!) call for a sour mix made from up to a whopping six lemons and limes. It’s definitely worth it to use the freshly squeezed stuff, but my wrists hurt just thinking about it. 

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I’ve tried all sorts of manual citrus juicers over the years: handheld reamers that tire you out and soak your hands in sticky juice, reamers set over measuring cups that come apart and spill too easily, models with filter holes big enough to let seeds pass through, and much more. There are also electric citrus juicers (and electric juicers for fruit and vegetables, too), which are a good option for people who squeeze their own oranges every morning or those with disabilities or diminished hand strength. But these juicers are often costly and bulky, and many aren’t able to efficiently extract as much juice as you can by hand. 

Photo of our winning juicer juicing a lemon.
The one manual juicer to rule all manual juicers

The simplest, tidiest, and most efficient way to extract lots of citrus juice for cocktails is to use our winning citrus press, the Chef’n FreshForce Citrus Juicer. This device is perfectly designed for maximum juice extraction without all the wrist wrenching that other reamers require. Simply cut your lemons and limes in half, load a half into the press’s bowl under the sturdy metal dish, and press. The metal dish pushes the fruit into the bowl’s filtration screen, which allows juice to flow while trapping the seeds. It couldn’t be simpler.

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The Chef’n juicer is perfect for making large batches of sour mix, where juicing lime after lime without a break is the name of the game. But it’s also perfect for juicing a single lime or lemon for salad dressings, sauces, or marinades. The best part? It rinses clean with a simple spray of hot water and a bit of soap (or a trip through the dishwasher) rather than requiring you to take apart a bunch of finicky components. 

Pick up this manual citrus juicer today, and change your margarita game for the better. You won’t be sorry.

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