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Yes, You Can Make Pizza in a Skillet!

It’s the perfect pizza for two.
By Published May 18, 2022

At ATK Kids, we have squeezed pizza into just about every pan imaginable: a sheet pan, a cake pan, a 13-by-9-inch baking pan, even a paella pan. (OK, that last one’s a joke, but we’ve probably considered it.) But when I’m just cooking for two, I want something a bit more manageable. Something like . . . a skillet pizza.

I’m all about that skillet pizza life for numerous reasons. For one, I always have my trusty 12-inch skillet nearby. Also, it doesn’t require any special equipment, such as a pizza stone, to get a crisp crust—all you have to do is cook the pizza for 5 minutes on the stove to develop a nice crust on the bottom and then pop it in the oven to let the cheese become all melty and spotty brown. The ease of this recipe makes it great for kids, too, which is why we included it in our latest cookbook for kid chefs, The Complete Cookbook for Young Scientists.

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Want to make this simple recipe even easier? Use store-bought pizza dough in lieu of homemade dough, and opt for your favorite jarred pizza sauce. Read on to learn how to shape a skillet pizza.


The Complete Cookbook for Young Scientists

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How to Shape Skillet Pizza

1. Use hands to press dough into 6-inch circle. Use rolling pin to roll dough into 12-inch circle, rotating dough and reflouring counter every few rolls.

2. Place rolling pin on bottom edge of dough, then loosely roll dough around rolling pin. Gently unroll dough into skillet.

3. Using your fingertips, push dough into corners of skillet. Use fork to lightly poke surface of dough all over, about 10 times.

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