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For Maximum Squeezeability, Cut Your Limes into Cheeks

You can practically double the lime juice by practicing this lime cutting method. 

Published May 19, 2022.

Did you know there’s a right way to cut a lime? Technically there’s no “wrong” way, but cutting your lime into cheeks is the best way. At least when it comes to juicing.

I learned this method during my days working in restaurants. Up until then I was cutting my limes into wedges.

Wasn’t everybody?

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One day, the chef took a lime out of my hand, said “try this,” and voila, lime cheeks.

The key is to slice your lime around the core. Hold the lime vertically and cut the lime into four pieces around the core (you should have 4 full cheeks and 2 half cheeks).

The benefit from this method is something I like to call maximum squeezeability. When you squeeze a lime wedge you’re often blocked by the center core. By cutting around the barrier, you’re able to get as much as double the amount of juice out of your limes! Lime cheeks provide more bang for your buck.

So whether you need lime wedges for your tacos, pho, or margaritas, get cheeky with it.

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