What’s Your Cleaning Personality Type?

Our expert product recommendations for every type of cleaner, from those who just want to keep things tidy to the most enthusiastic scrubbers.  

Published May 27, 2022.

The ATK Reviews team loves cleaning products—perhaps a little too much. After testing hundreds of cleaning products over the years, we have strong opinions, and we’re all fastidious cleaners. So when it comes to cleaning recommendations, we’ve got your back. 

Whether you’re looking to simply maintain a clean space or scrub relentlessly until things are positively immaculate, here are our tried-and-true favorites for every level of cleaning personality. 

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Level 1: Casual Cleaner

You like to keep things clean, but you don’t want it to take too much time, and you’re not looking for a big investment. You’re happy with a quick routine and a few simple products. Here’s what you need to maintain a clean space.

A DURABLE SPONGE. The O-Cedar Scrunge Multi-Use Scrubber Sponge is a miracle scrubber that my colleague Kate Shannon discovered during testing, and my whole team loves it. It dries quickly, is superabsorbent, and has a rugged yet gentle scrubbing side that powers through messes.


O-Cedar Scrunge Multi-Use Scrubber Sponge

This product looks like the classic blue sponge we've all used, but its plastic-based scrubbing side has ripples.

THE BEST-SMELLING DISH SOAP. Pair the Scrunge with our winning dish soap from Mrs. Meyer’s, and you won’t be disappointed. Not only does it smell delightful (I love the lavender scent!), but it’s also tough: In our tests it cut through caked-on grime quickly and effortlessly.


Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day Liquid Dish Soap, Lavender

This “97% naturally derived” dish soap cut through caked-on grime quickly and effortlessly.

PAPER TOWELS THAT CAN HANDLE ANY SPILL. Our favorite paper towels from Bounty are perfect for cleaning up minor spills and lightly scrubbing surfaces. They’re a great basic option.


Bounty Paper Towels

Every tester who tried these paper towels came back with a rave review.

A BRUSH/DUSTPAN COMBO THAT SWEEPS THE COMPETITION. Low on storage space but still looking to sweep up crumbs? Try our winning brush and dustpan combo, the Rubbermaid Dustpan and Brush Set with Comfortable Grip, on for size. It’s a steal at only about $10.


Rubbermaid Dustpan and Brush Set with Comfortable Grip

This dustpan and brush set did a great job of cleaning up all the messes we set before it.

Level 2: Serious Scrubber

You’re willing to put in the effort and time to get things squeaky-clean, and you may even enjoy cleaning (we won’t tell anyone). Here’s what we recommend to take your cleaning to the next level and make sure that your space sparkles.

A SPRAY MOP TO GET YOUR FLOORS SHINING. I can’t say enough about our favorite spray mop from O-Cedar, which aced every test during my review. It’s twice as absorbent as the other options and has a powerful sprayer that can really launch cleaning solution. Pick one up to maintain your floors and mop up moderate spills and stains.


O-Cedar ProMist MAX Microfiber Spray Mop

We liked that this model was light enough to maneuver easily but heavy enough to assist with scrubbing.

A SCRUB BRUSH TO POWER THROUGH STUBBORN MESSES. I love our winning scrub brush from O-Cedar with all of my heart. It’s the winner of my first cleaning review, and it started my love affair with finding perfect cleaning products. It can truly handle any stain or gunk you throw at it, no matter how burnt-on.


O-Cedar Rinse Fresh Pot & Pan Brush

This brush aced every category with ease: No stain could withstand its stiff bristles, and it rinsed clean with minimal effort thanks to its well-spaced bristle clusters.

A BETTER ALL-PURPOSE CLEANER. Upgrade your all-purpose cleaner to our winner from Method, which is available in a wide variety of fresh scents. It easily cuts through grease, lifts stuck-on messes, and leaves surfaces shining. 


Method All-Purpose Natural Surface Cleaner (French Lavender)

This spray embodies the winning combination of being pleasant to use and cleaning thoroughly and effectively with a minimum number of squirts.

Level 3: Pristine Polisher 

You look forward to cleaning sessions and won’t stop scrubbing until you can eat off of every surface. Crumbs? Splatters? Stains? Not in your immaculate home. Here’s what you need to go above and beyond.

A SMART DEVICE TO DO THE WORK FOR YOU. The iRobot Roomba j7+ Robot Vacuum is the ultimate cleaning device. Straight out of The Jetsons, it constructs a map of your house, responds to voice commands (through a smart home device, such as an Alexa), and even empties itself. What can’t it do?


iRobot Roomba j7+ Robot Vacuum

This robot was outstanding at picking up nearly every last bit of the sample messes we scattered, partly due to its unique dual counter-rotating rubber brushes.

A MOP FOR MOP LOVERS. Level up your floor-cleaning game with the winner of my wet mops review, the O-Cedar EasyWring Spin Mop & Bucket System. It powered through dried-on heavy cream and barbecue sauce, picked up tons of dirt and grime, and impressed my team and me at every turn. If you’re a dedicated floor scourer, this mop is for you.

Winner / Best Mop and Bucket Set

O-Cedar EasyWring Spin Mop & Bucket System

This model excelled during every test: It was easy to assemble; it scrubbed up dirt, mud, pet hair, coffee, and stuck-on food spills with ease; and it was incredibly absorbent yet lightweight and nimble.

A HIGH-TECH SOAP DISPENSER TO KEEP THINGS SANITARY. The most accomplished cleaners need a soap dispenser that works for them. Our winning automatic soap dispenser will turn your sink into an ultimate cleaning station, allowing you to suds up your sponge without having to barely lift a finger.


Secura 17oz / 500ml Premium Touchless Battery Operated Electric Automatic Soap Dispenser

Very easy to set up and fill, with a large transparent body that lets you see how much soap it contains at a glance, this model was reliable and dispensed soap quickly.

A DUSTER FOR HARD-TO-REACH AREAS. The apex of kitchen cleaning? Being able to reach under your appliances for dust and crumbs. Pick up an OXO Good Grips Under Appliance Duster to leave no stone unturned on your quest for a spotless space.


OXO Good Grips Under Appliance Duster

This long, relatively thin microfiber duster picked up dust and flour easily and efficiently and did a fine job of chasing down chickpeas and rice.

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