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Millionaire's Shortbread Might Be Our Most Popular Recipe. Here's How To Make It.

For the first time, ATK Cooking School shows you the nuances of making Millionaire's Shortbread, a reader favorite.

Published June 1, 2022.

In our nearly 30 years of existence, America’s Test Kitchen has developed more than 12,000 recipes.

The recipe readers rave most about? Probably our Millionaire's Shortbread.

Imagine a buttery shortbread. Then a layer of homemade caramel. Topped with a bittersweet chocolate shell. It’s the Twix bar of your dreams.

It’s exquisite enough to be sold at a professional bakery, yet easy enough for a beginner to competently tackle. 


We’ve showcased this recipe in our cookbooks and on public television before. But for the first time, the video above goes in-depth to teach you the nuances of Millionaire's Shortbread.

Some takeaways from the tutorial you might find helpful:

  • You must use an instant-read thermometer for the caramel. Don't even think about winging it. And don't rush it—it usually takes between 16-20 minutes to get it to 239 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Don't skimp on using cheap chocolate. Find the best-quality bar chocolate you can source.
  • The foil sling technique will save you a lot of trouble. Trust us.
  • Using a serrated or slicing knife will also save you a lot of trouble. Double trust us. You don't want to spend all this time making Millionaire's Shortbread and having jagged broken edges that aren't Instagram-worthy.

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