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Make Golden Chicken Broth in Record Time (Grab Your Instant Pot)

Most homemade chicken broths require several hours on the stove. The Instant Pot cuts the time in half. ATK Cooking School teaches you how.

Published June 7, 2022.

Great homemade chicken broth is liquid gold.

Soups, sauces, risottos, stews—we don’t need to tell you how much chicken broth adds to your cooking. (We still like the store-bought stuff, but there’s no comparison to a broth lovingly made on your stovetop.)

If there’s one complaint about the process, it’s how long it takes to make a rich and delicious version. That’s why the Instant Pot has changed the game for homemade broth aficionados.

This video from ATK Cooking School shows you step-by-step instructions on making the best homemade chicken broth of your life in an Instant Pot. 

The best part? The whole process takes about 90 minutes (as opposed to three hours on your stovetop). 

Some takeaways:

  • Use chicken wings. They’re relatively inexpensive, for one. But it’s really to take advantage of the skin and joints, which will add collagen to the broth and lend it a rich silkiness.
  • Browning the wings in two batches will contribute to the broth’s taste. Why? We’re ensuring enough chicken skin touches the hot surface, which is what creates the flavor-intensive fond.
  • Once you have your chicken broth, you’ve got to use it. One of our favorite applications? Cooking your pasta in chicken broth.

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