The Story of George Harrison's Half-Eaten Toast

On the season finale of Proof, how one man's trash is another man's treasure.

Published June 10, 2022.

The Beatles guitarist George Harrison once ate a piece of toast.

That piece of half-eaten toast ended up being sold off at Christie's Auction House. Whether Harrison actually ate it or not, the story behind it—one of fandom and the lengths people go to connect with celebrities—was one that intrigued reporter Stephen Calabria.

On the Season 10 finale of Proof, the flagship podcast from America's Test Kitchen, we bring you three short stories around this theme of My Trash, Your Treasure.

You'll hear ATK staffer Eden Faithfull deep dive—quite literally—into the world of dumpster diving, and how one organization is trying to change its public perception. And reporter Eliza Rothstein visits a distillery that makes vodka from discarded pastries.

You can find a link to the episode here, or just search for Proof wherever you get your favorite podcasts.

We'll be back in July for an all-new season of Proof. As always, we appreciate you listening.

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Photo: Steve Morley/Redferns, Getty Images

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