Shop Our Sale on Top-rated Kitchen Gear Under $40

Over 30 of our winners on sale, from a salad spinner to an (adorable) mini wooden cutting board, and lots more.

Published June 20, 2022.

We review hundreds of products a year and always seek out the best gear, no matter the price. Luckily for our wallets, some of our favorite gear doesn’t cost that much. And lucky for anyone in the market for some new kitchen gear right now: 34 of our winners under $40 are on sale in the ATK Shop today and tomorrow.

Here are four that caught my eye but be sure to check out the whole list. Each item has been rigorously tested and earned our highest recommendation. (Read more about what that entails.)

Pots, pans, ladles, and more—starting at $7.99!

Shop Our Sale: Top-Rated Gear Under $40

We use scientific hands-on testing to determine the best products in hundreds of categories. Each of these items has been rigorously tested and earned a place in our kitchen.
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1. A Superior Skillet: OXO Non-Stick Pro Open Frypan (20% off)

There are lots of choices of which type of skillet to use. Nonstick is my recommendation for folks who want the easiest pan to cook in and clean. Our winning pan from OXO is on sale in all three sizes (!). The 8-inch is great for cooking a couple eggs in the morning, the 10-inch for searing a couple of steaks (yes, you can get a gorgeous sear in a nonstick), and the 12-inch version is a versatile size that can cook a single egg or dinner for four. This pan bested the rest in our testing thanks to an incredibly durable and slick nonstick surface, an optimal shape, and a comfortable handle.

2. The Cutest Salt Box Ever: Bee House Salt Box (25% off)

I love salt. If I don’t have at least a quarter box of flakey Diamond Crystal on hand, I get nervous. Because of the large boxes that many salts come in, it’s handy to have a smaller countertop container that swings open and shut smoothly for easy access. The Bee House Salt Box won our salt container testing. In addition to performing like a champ, it just happens to be the cutest thing you’ve ever seen and comes in colors like artichoke and blue jean. (If you know me and want to give me a gift, I don’t have one of these. Thank you in advance.)

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3. Zest Best: Microplane Premium Zester/Grater (19% off)

Microplane makes our longtime winning zester. I just got a new one (darn, should have waited for the sale!) and wow. I did not realize how dull my old one was. I could run a finger up it and not feel any of the blades sticking out—not a good sign for getting an easy and efficient grate of Parmesan, garlic, nutmeg, citrus zest, or one of the other reasons I use mine about a million times a week. Pro tip: Get a brightly colored one so it’s easy to find amongst other kitchen tools. I picked turquoise and I can see it right away—handy when I have a margarita emergency.

4. Ladle Love: Rösle Hook Ladle with Pouring Rim (20% off)

I feel like a dork saying this, but I love my ladle. I didn’t have one for years. I would dribble my way from bowl to bowl, making a mess of the counters and depositing portions that looked like I’d let my toddler serve. There’s a reason chefs love them. (A tip from our cooks: Choke up on the handle a little for better control.) Our winning ladle from Rösle is a stunner. It holds just the right amount, pours neatly and precisely, and is comfortable to hold in different positions. Rösle products are often expensive but they last, so when they’re on sale I pounce.

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