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For Great French Toast, Toast It Before You French It

Your toaster is the key to French toast with a crisp crust.

Published July 8, 2022.

The ultimate French toast is all about that textural contrast: crisp on the outside and soft and custardy on the inside. 

But all too often, it’s soggy all the way through, like a custard-flavored sponge—no thanks! Some recipes call for drying out the bread overnight, but my French toast cravings are too spontaneous for that.

For all your last-minute French toast needs, just call on your toaster.

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Toasting hearty sandwich bread (white or whole wheat will do) on your toaster’s lowest setting will dry it out in mere minutes—lightyears faster than drying it on the countertop overnight.

Simply toast it until the bread feels dried out and is very light brown. You may have to toast it twice, but don’t be tempted to crank up that temperature dial—you want the bread to be dry and firm but not really browned.

A few tweaks to your typical French toast custard bring it home: using just egg yolks (versus whole eggs) gave it richness without an eggy flavor, and swapping out white sugar for brown sugar gave it a deeper, more toffee-like flavor.

French Toast for One

Young chefs can make this simple French toast just for themselves—or double it so they can enjoy with a friend!
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