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Amazon Prime Day 2022: The Best, Worst, and Somewhere-in-Between Kitchen Deals

The kitchen equipment you should scoop up during Prime Day—and what you should stay away from.
By Published July 13, 2022

Amazon Prime Day 2022 is July 12 and 13! Looking to add something to your kitchen arsenal or to buy a gift for a fellow home cook? Maybe you’re doing a little early holiday shopping or buying a gift for a friend’s wedding? That tool or gadget youre eyeing might be on sale. 

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It’s easy to get carried away, but it pays to show some restraint. Some of the items that seem like a steal aren’t worth the money even at half their normal price.

Heres a list of the test kitchen winners that are getting Prime Day price drop treatment (while supplies last) as well as ones that arent worth the money.

And keep checking back! Well be updating this page with more Deals of the Day as theyre released. (Note that prices are subject to change during Prime Day.)

The Best Deals of the Day

Weve tested these models and were impressed by their performance. Theyre worth the money, with or without the sale.

All-Clad D3 Stainless-Steel 7-Piece Cookware Set

On Sale: 12:00am to 11:45pm on Wednesday

Sale Price: $349.99 (usually $486.00)

Amazon Discount: 28%

You Save: $136.01

Our winning cookware set strikes the perfect balance of delivering sturdiness without heaviness. These fully clad pans brown beautifully and feel balanced, the handles stay cool, and they’re tough as nails. The set offers essential pieces in practical sizes that will last a lifetime. This deal is truly a bargain: The 8-quart stockpot alone usually retails for nearly $340.


All-Clad D3 Stainless-Steel Skillets, 10-Inch and 12-Inch

On Sale: 12:00am to 11:45pm on Wednesday

Sale Price: $160.99 (usually $229.99)

Amazon Discount: 30%

You Save: $69.00 

Our longtime favorite stainless-steel skillet—in both 12-inch and 10-inch sizes—has a clean design that includes no unnecessary frills. We appreciate the wide cooking surface and low, flaring sides that encourage excellent browning and evaporation; steel handles that stay cool on the stovetop and won't rotate in your hand; and an overall weight and balance that hits the sweet spot between sturdiness and maneuverable lightness. The three layers of cladding, with aluminum sandwiched by steel, make for deep, uniform browning. 


Chef'n FreshForce Citrus Juicer (Lemon)

On Sale: 12:00pm to midnight on Wednesday

Sale Price: $14.25 (usually $24.99)

Amazon Discount: 43%

You Save: $10.74

A good citrus juicer will save you a lot of time and effort. Our winning model is distinct from other citrus presses that use small holes since it features a star-like arrangement of large draining slots which direct the juice in a steady stream with no splattering or overflowing. Its large, rounded handles were easy to squeeze for testers of all sizes, which helped this press quickly extract far more juice than any other model. Its roomy bowl could accommodate up to a medium-size orange. If you’re looking for something smaller, the Chef'n FreshForce Citrus Juicer (Lime) is on sale on Wednesday for $12.50 (58% off).


Technivorm Moccamaster KBT

On Sale: 12:00am to 12:00pm on Wednesday

Sale Price: $229.99  (usually $329.00)

Amazon Discount: 30%

You Save: $99.01 

Our winning coffee maker is a breeze to set up and use. This simple machine made coffee that tasters described as "very strong but smooth." The brewing water quickly reaches the ideal temperature zone and stays there for 91 percent of its cycle. (The outer parts are plastic and can be replaced easily and inexpensively if they wear out over time. The machine also comes with a five-year warranty.) The thermal carafe kept coffee piping hot for 2 hours. (Note: Aside from the helpful cutoff switch on the brew basket, this model operates identically to our previous winner, model KBGT, which is also about 30% off.)


T-Fal Ultimate EZ-Clean Fryer

On Sale: 12:00am to 11:55pm on Wednesday

Sale Price: $87.76 (usually $164.99)

Amazon Discount: 47%

You Save: $77.23

This electric deep-fryer made food that was almost always perfect. Its large basket held a large quantity and made it easy to lower and lift the food during use; its high walls and lid contained messes nicely. A built-in filter and handy oil storage container made the cleanup process a bit easier than other models. One caveat: Like the other fryers, it maxes out at around 374 degrees, so it can't quite fry those quick-cooking, high-heat foods, such as tempura, as nicely as a Dutch oven can.


T-Fal Professional Non-Stick Fry Pan, 12.5-Inch

On Sale: 12:00am to 11:55pm on Wednesday

Sale Price: $26.77 (usually $40.37)

Amazon Discount: 34%

You Save: $13.60

We’ve recommended this nonstick skillet for years. It’s induction-compatible and available at a great price—especially today. It has a spacious and slippery surface. It's also very light and the squishy handle is comfortable to hold. Note that the cooking surface is slightly domed so that oil runs to the edges and fried eggs rarely turn out perfectly round. It's also too wide to fit a standard 12-inch lid. It’s otherwise an excellent pan. The 10-inch and 8-inch versions, which we’ve also tested and recommend, are on sale during Prime Day.  


Braun MultiQuick 5 Hand Blender

On Sale: All day Tuesday and Wednesday

Sale Price: $44.95 (usually $64.95)

Amazon Discount: 31%

You Save: $20.00

We’ve recommended this model for more than a decade, and it’s easy to see why. Its lightweight construction and comfortable grip made it a breeze to maneuver around any vessel. Its ventless, bell-shaped blade guard kept food flowing freely and prevented splattering. Its two speeds, which were both powerful enough to pulverize frozen pineapple, are controlled by two simple buttons that we could operate with one hand. We also liked its clearly labeled, easy-to-operate eject buttons.


June Smart Oven (3rd Generation)

On Sale: All day Tuesday and Wednesday

Sale Price: $594.00 (usually $849.00)

Amazon Discount: 30%

You Save: $255.00

This is the most recent version of the excellent June oven. Using artificial intelligence, it can recognize both fresh foods and many brand-name packaged foods, initiate cooking programs, and guide you through its library of recipes. Its display and controls could not be simpler, whether you’re relying on its smart functions or using it like a regular oven. It can toast, broil, bake, roast, air-fry, dehydrate, and slow-cook, and it also offers accessories for grilling and baking pizza. Every recipe we prepared came out perfectly. Cleanup was easy too. 


Breville Barista Express

On Sale: All day Tuesday and Wednesday

Sale Price: $649.95 (usually $699.95)

Amazon Discount: 7%

You Save: $50.00

This handsome machine is perfect if you want the convenience of built-in grinding, automatic weighing of coffee, and push-button brewing, but you don’t mind some hands-on work. You must learn to tamp properly and move the portafilter of grounds from the grinder to the brewing position. A simple gauge provides excellent feedback on grind setting and tamping pressure, so this process soon became intuitive and easy. It came with everything we needed—tamper, milk frothing jug, and portafilters for single and double espresso—and had a hidden drawer to store it all.


O-Cedar EasyWring Spin Mop & Bucket System

On Sale: All day Tuesday and Wednesday

Sale Price: $45.89 (usually $59.97)

Amazon Discount: 23%

You Save: $14.08

This model excelled during every test: It was easy to assemble; it scrubbed up dirt, mud, pet hair, coffee, and stuck-on food spills with ease; and it was incredibly absorbent yet lightweight and nimble. We were particularly impressed by the bucket’s wringing mechanism, which rapidly spun the mop head with the push of a pedal and removed a remarkable amount of water, leaving the mop head nearly dry. We also liked the mop’s relatively long handle and wide, flat head, which was easy to remove and machine washable.


GreenPan Valencia Ceramic Nonstick 8", 9.5", and 11" Skillet Set

On Sale: All day Tuesday and Wednesday

Sale Price: $90.99 (usually $129.95)

Amazon Discount: 30%

You Save: $38.96

Most ceramic nonstick skillets simply aren't very good—but we've tested each size of this skillet and were impressed with them all. These pans arrived slick and remained so throughout cooking and abuse tests. Each size has a broad cooking surface, gently sloped walls, and a comfortable handle.


Vitamix 5200

On Sale: All day Tuesday and Wednesday

Sale Price: $299.95 (usually $405.54)

Amazon Discount: 26%

You Save: $105.59

This quiet, high-powered blender has simple, intuitive controls. As for its blending capability, it was top-notch. It was able to produce fine-textured foods without incorporating excess air, thanks to its narrow blender jar. The tamper accessory was helpful when blending thicker foods, and the blender’s seven-year warranty insured our investment. At 20.25 inches, it’s tall, so it can’t be stored on a counter beneath a standard 18-inch-tall cabinet. Amazon has also dropped the price of a higher-end version of this blender, the Vitamix 750. It’s 37% off for a savings of a whopping $230.00.


KitchenAid Artisan Mini 3.5 Quart Stand Mixer

On Sale: All day Tuesday and Wednesday

Sale Price: $259.99 (usually $379.99)

Amazon Discount: 32%

You Save: $120.00

The mini version of one of our favorite stand mixers, this adorable model aced nearly every test, with the exception of the high-hydration pizza dough, flawlessly completing everything from the most basic of tasks (such as whipping two egg whites) to making enough frosting for a three-layer cake. The speed controls and tilt-head lever were straightforward and simple to operate, and the bowl and attachments were easy to put on and take off. For Prime Day, eight different colors—including mint-green Ice and sleek Contour Silverare available at a discount.


SodaStream Terra

On Sale: All day Tuesday and Wednesday

Sale Price: $99.99 (usually $159.95)

Amazon Discount: 37%

You Save: $59.96

It’s easy to use this model: Simply press the large button on the top of the machine until you’ve obtained your desired level of carbonation. The plastic water bottles connect to the machine easily and are dishwasher-safe. The machine uses SodaStream’s new “quick connect” CO2 canisters, which slide into the back of the machine and lock into place when you pull down a plastic handle. We also tested and recommend the SodaStream Art, which is currently 39% off for a savings of $70.00. Instead of pressing a button, you press on a lever to carbonate the water.


Rubbermaid Brilliance Storage Containers

On Sale: All day Tuesday and Wednesday

Sale Price: $41.99 (usually $66.99)

Amazon Discount: 37%

You Save: $25.00

We love these plastic food storage containers. The clear, lightweight Tritan plastic material stayed clear and stain-free, and the audibly snug seals didn’t leak, even when we turned the containers upside down and shook them hard. Microwaving food was easy and neat, thanks to lid vents that let you leave the container fully sealed while containing splatters and extended rims that stayed cool for easy handling. The flat tops made for secure, compact stacking in the fridge or freezer. If you do a lot of food prep, the 44-piece set might be better for you. It's 30% off for a savings of $33.00.


Chicago Metallic 2-Piece Angel Food Cake Pan with Feet

On Sale: All day Tuesday and Wednesday

Sale Price: $13.68 (usually $20.99)

Amazon Discount: 35%

You Save: $7.31

This pan has every feature we want in a tube pan: a nonstick surface, a removable bottom, and feet. Baking with this pan was easy from start to finish, and it turned out flawless angel food and pound cakes. Although it has a removable bottom, it didn’t leak, even when we baked a heavier batter. Though we’d be happy even if it churned out only perfect angel food cakes, it’s a versatile pan that can also be used to make pound cakes and Bundt cakes.


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Instant Precision 6-quart Dutch Oven

On Sale: All day Tuesday and Wednesday

Sale Price: $159.99 (usually $229.95)

Amazon Discount: 30%

You Save: $69.96

One of the newest models from Instant combines a slow cooker and a Dutch oven into a single unit. When we used it as a slow cooker, its cast-iron construction was mostly a bonus. It retained heat well, ensuring that it maintained a consistent temperature over 12 hours and cooked food evenly every time. A manual mode lets you precisely manage the temperature in 1-degree increments. But its user interface wasn’t the most intuitive: There’s no guidance on which temperature ranges correspond to the “high” and “low” settings typically found in slow-cooker recipes. However, we were impressed by this model overall.


Zojirushi Stainless Steel Mug

On Sale: All day Tuesday and Wednesday

Sale Price: $21.99 (usually $29.99)

Amazon Discount: 27%

You Save: $8.00

Testers raved about this travel mug, which not only kept coffee hot for far longer than any other mug we tried but also was the easiest to use. Slim from top to bottom, it was comfortable for hands of all sizes to hold, open, and close. A simple push of a button popped open its lid, exposing the clean drinking spout within. Testers also loved that this leakproof mug came with an equally easy-to-use locking mechanism, which provided good insurance against accidental spills. Also worth noting: It can keep cold drinks cold, perfect for taking wine to a picnic or the beach.


Philips Pasta Maker

On Sale: All day Tuesday and Wednesday

Sale Price: $239.99 (usually $299.95)

Amazon Discount: 20%

You Save: $59.96

This pasta maker took just 3 minutes to mix and begin extruding pasta and made top-notch spaghetti, fettuccine, and sheets of lasagna. While the penne from this model sometimes had slightly curved edges (à la macaroni), we were still happy with the overall result. This machine took a bit of effort to clean—we had to disassemble it, clean each part individually, and then reassemble it—but we liked its simple, intuitive control panel and its flat-edged tool (included) to cut the pasta. It came with four pasta shaping disks, but more can be purchased.


Tovolo Stainless Steel 6" Mini Whisk

On Sale: All day Tuesday and Wednesday

Sale Price: $9.77 (usually $14.99)

Amazon Discount: 35%

You Save: $5.22

We loved using this petite whisk, which performed every task quickly and efficiently thanks to the five sturdy wire loops in its relatively broad head. With a thick, medium-length handle, it was easy to grip. The handle was made from smooth metal that was completely sealed off where the loops connected, so it was particularly easy to clean.


Deals Worth Considering

These are some models we reviewed and liked but might not have loved. Some lack a few useful features. Others are a bit smaller than ideal. Depending on the size of your household or how you plan to use each item, you might be unfazed by those drawbacks and thrilled to scoop something up at a good price.

To help you weigh the pros and cons, weve offered a suggestion for what you might want to buy instead. Read on to see whats right for you.

Zojirushi Home Bakery Virtuoso Plus Breadmaker

On Sale: All day Tuesday and Wednesday 

Sale Price: $266.99 (usually $377.49)

Amazon Discount: 29%

You Save: $110.50

This machine formed and baked beautiful, golden-crusted loaves with even-crumbed interiors. Its heated lid helped it achieve the exact chosen crust shade every time. However, the control panel was slightly confusing to use, and we wished that the display screen showed a timer instead of a clock. BUY NOW AND SAVE 29%

What to Consider Instead: The reliable Zojirushi Home Bakery Supreme Breadmaker has an easy-to-use interface and multiple bread options—including a “Homemade” option, which lets you customize the kneading, rising, and baking times. It made picture-perfect loaves.

Technivorm Moccamaster KBGV Select

On Sale: 12:00am to 12:00pm on Wednesday

Sale Price: $244.99 (usually $349.00)

Amazon Discount: 30%

You Save: $104.01

Made by the manufacturer of our top-rated coffee maker, this machine is attractive and comes in a wide range of colors. It doesn’t brew coffee quite as well (water appears to flow through it a bit more quickly) and the brewed coffee cools off faster. BUY NOW AND SAVE 30%

What to Consider Instead: Our winner can’t be beat. It brews terrific coffee and its thermal carafe keeps it piping hot for 2 hours. Best of all: It’s also about 30% off during Prime Day. It’s currently $229.99, a savings of about $100.00. 

Lodge Enameled Cast Iron Dutch Oven, 6 Qt

On Sale: All day Tuesday and Wednesday

Sale Price: $67.90 (usually $79.90)

Amazon Discount: 15%

You Save: $12.00

We tested the 7.5-quart version of this Dutch oven—and it landed in the middle of the pack. It was the heaviest pot we tested. It had a comparatively small cooking surface, so it took more batches to sear the beef and meatballs. BUY NOW AND SAVE 15%

What to Consider Instead: If you regularly cook large batches of soup or stew, you’ll have better luck with roomier pots, such as our favorite 7.25-quart Dutch oven from Le Creuset or our Best Buy from Cuisinart.

Amazon Basics Cast Iron Skillet, 12-Inch

On Sale: All day Tuesday and Wednesday

Sale Price: $18.94 (usually $30.74)

Amazon Discount: 38%

You Save: $11.80

It has a wide, 10-inch cooking surface, so theres plenty of room to sear steak or fry eggs, but its heavier than our favorites and required more effort to handle and lift. It also had a noticeably rougher surface and requires more use to build up a truly slick surface. BUY NOW AND SAVE 38%

What to Consider Instead: The Lodge cast-iron skillet is slightly lighter (and easier to maneuver), and it arrives with a slicker surface. Its often available for as little as $30.00.

Philips Premium Air Fryer with Fat Removal Technology

On Sale: All day Tuesday and Wednesday

Sale Price: $199.99 (usually $249.95)

Amazon Discount: 20%

You Save: $49.96

We love this machine’s slim, compact footprint, and we liked its intuitive controls. It’s a great air fryer that we have recommended for years, but it can’t hold as much food as our winner. BUY NOW AND SAVE 20%

What to Consider Instead: Even small households will be benefit from an air fryer that holds more food. Our winner, the Instant Vortex Plus 6-Quart Air Fryer, is usually about $125.00 and takes up no more counter space than the Philips.

Instant Pot Accu Slim Sous Vide Immersion Circulator

On Sale: All day Tuesday and Wednesday

Sale Price: $69.99 (usually $99.99)

Amazon Discount: 33%

You Save: $30.00

Its extra-quiet, slim, and compact. But its temperature display was consistently off by 1 full degree, so we suggest checking the water temperature with a thermometer and adjusting the temperature setting accordingly. Its clamp was fixed in place, so we could not attach it to shorter vessels such as our saucepan or Dutch oven. BUY NOW AND SAVE 33%

What to Consider Instead: If you plan to cook sous vide regularly, you need an accurate and versatile model. Look for our winner, the Breville Joule Sous Vide, or our Best Buy, the Yedi Houseware Infinity Sous Vide, instead.

Deals to Stay Away From (and What to Buy Instead)

We’ve tested many of the kitchen tools included in Prime Day, and some of the models just aren’t worth the money.

Here are the models that you’re better off skipping and the top-rated gear that we recommend buying instead.

Nonstick Cookware Set

Prime Day Deal: T-Fal Professional Nonstick Cookware Set, 12-Piece

On Sale: 12:00am to 11:55pm on Wednesday

Why You Should Skip It: We love nonstick skillets and think the ones included in this set are great. However, nonstick pots and pans aren't nearly as versatile and are usually a waste of money.

What You Should Buy Instead: T-Fal Professional Non-Stick Fry Pan

Why We Love It: This induction-compatible pan has a spacious and slippery surface. It's also very light and the squishy handle is comfortable to hold. We recommend the 8-inch version of this skillet as well.

Nonstick Skillets

Prime Day Deal: Amazon Basics 3-Piece Non-Stick Frying Pan Set

On Sale: All day Tuesday and Wednesday

Why You Should Skip It: This set wasn’t truly nonstick. It neither retained heat well nor evenly distributed heat across the cooking surface.

What You Should Buy Instead: OXO Good Grips Non-Stick Pro Skillets

Why We Love It: Our longtime favorite nonstick skillets arrive slick and remain that way after extensive use. The handles are wide and comfortable. We love the 8-inch, 10-inch, and 12-inch models.

Coffee Grinder

Prime Day Deal: Hamilton Beach Burr Grinder Stainless Steel

On Sale: All day Tuesday and Wednesday

Why You Should Skip It: This model produced powdery clumps of ground beans that were a pain to clean out of the container. Theres no setting to grind one cups worth of beans.

What You Should Buy Instead: Baratza Encore

Why We Love It: Our top-rated burr grinder sports 40 settings. It has a no-fuss design and is simple to load, use, and empty. Its popular with coffee aficionados, but anyone who brews coffee at home will benefit from having a good grinder. If you want to save a little money and are content with 16 settings instead of 40, we recommend our Best Buy, the Capresso Infinity Conical Burr Grinder.

Dutch Oven

Prime Day Deal: Le Creuset Enameled Cast Iron Chef's Oven with Glass Lid

On Sale: All day Tuesday and Wednesday

Why You Should Skip It: The name Le Creuset is practically synonymous with Dutch ovens. But the glass lid that comes with this model limits its versatility and likely its durability as well.

What You Should Buy Instead: Le Creuset 7¼ Quart Round Dutch Oven

Why We Love It: This classic, iconic Le Creuset Dutch oven comes with an ovensafe cast-iron lid thats durable and easy to clean. This model is expensive, but it will last a lifetime.