If You Love Tomato Sandwiches, Get Yourself a Serrated Utility Knife

It will help you cut them in style. (And tomato sandwiches are just the beginning!)

Published July 18, 2022.

I live for summer, which to me is really just tomato season. I'll take all the tomato sandwiches and BLTs and gazpacho I can eat. And there's one knife that's perfect for all the summertime slicing and dicing I do.

While I love our favorite full-length serrated knife, the Mercer Culinary Millennia 10” Wide Bread Knife, it can sometimes feel a tad oversized when tasked with cutting up the bounty of smaller summer produce that has come into season.

At about half its size, our favorite serrated utility knife, the Zwilling Pro 5.5” Serrated Prep Knife, is the knife I reach for in summer (and seasons beyond!). And it's currently 20% off for a limited time.

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Exclusive Deal: Zwilling Pro 5.5" Serrated Prep Knife

Our favorite serrated utility knife easily slices everything from tomatoes and avocados to salami and loaded sandwiches. You won't regret adding it to your arsenal of kitchen tools.

Here’s why I love the Zwilling Pro 5.5” Serrated Prep Knife:

  • It has a nice narrow tip that lets you do detail work such as coring tomatoes precisely and with little waste. 
  • The serrated blade is so sharp that it slides through juicy, delicate-skinned tomatoes effortlessly, allowing you to make either paper-thin slices or thicker rustic slices. (Those serrations also ensure that I can easily halve and quarter the avocado that I insist on overloading my BLTs with. Sometimes more is more.)
  • The knife does a great job of cutting my completed sandwiches into neat quarters without pulling all the components apart in the process. 

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But it’s good for more than just sandwiches. For dessert, I’ll often use the serrated utility knife to quarter some peaches, which I’ll eat with a napkin around my neck to catch drips.

This knife is also the one I’d choose to take on hiking trips and picnics. In addition to cutting all those tomatoes and peaches and sandwiches, it’s just the right size for slicing baguettes and hard sausage, and would do just fine with a wedge of Brie as well. (Take along our favorite bar board to slice on so you don’t accidentally gouge a hole in your picnic blanket with that knife!) 

And while it’s ideal for summertime produce, I think you’ll find you use your serrated utility knife year-round. The Zwilling utility knife nestles right into your hand—it’s hard to put it down!

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