Why Eggs on Burgers Are Worth the Mess

I’m team put-an-egg-on-your-burger and I don’t care who knows it. 

Published July 20, 2022.

The toppings you choose to put on your burger are a very personal choice. Some prefer the classic lettuce and tomato, while others like to add avocados. Or maybe you prefer burger sauce to ketchup. Nobody is going to shame you for forgoing a slice of onion or loading up on pickles.

But there is one topping that is particularly controversial: fried eggs.

I’ve heard the cries of the anti-egg-on-burgers camp, and they are that it makes an already messy meal even messier, and the flavor of the egg doesn’t make that mess worth it. I disagree.

I’m here to say that they are worth the mess, runny yolk and all. Here’s why.

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1. You're already making a mess anyway.

No matter what you do, eating a burger is going to be messy. Whether it’s juices from the meat dripping onto your plate or the condiments slipping out of the bun, you’re going to need some napkins. So, let loose and make a mess. Add the egg, embrace the chaos, and grab a few more of those napkins. It’s worth it.

2. It makes the burger taste more luxurious.

I am a big fan of runny yolks. I especially love dipping my toast in the remnants of my fried eggs in the morning. So, when you have an egg on a burger, the yolk soaks into the bun, creating one of the best flavor combinations imaginable.

And what’s better than the subtle savoriness of egg yolk? That, combined with the yolk’s creaminess, elevates the whole flavor profile of the burger. It also adds an extra textural component, making it even more indulgent and rich. But don't take my word for it, one bite of our Bibimbap Burger and you'll be convinced.


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3. Fried eggs are a statement piece.

Admittedly, this one is all about aesthetics. But don’t we eat with our eyes first? A burger topped with a fried egg was made for Instagram. The stark contrast of the egg white against the darker patty is beautiful. And once that yolk breaks? Get the cameras ready.

4. An egg turns a burger into a breakfast food.

Fried eggs are one of the best things to eat for breakfast. Burgers are one of the best nonbreakfast foods. (Okay, maybe I'm biased.) So why not bring a burger into the breakfast universe with the addition of a fried egg? Eating a burger for breakfast may be frowned upon, but when you add an egg it's a whole other story. Cook’s Country did it with their Brunch Burgers. And anytime I can schedule an extra burger into my life, I will.

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