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Our show might be on hiatus, but you can still hear us on the airwaves.

Published Feb. 23, 2017.

After five years on the air, the final episode of America’s Test Kitchen Radio aired on March 8, 2016. In the episode―entitled “A New Chapter”―host Bridget Lancaster announced the hiatus, along with an expanded partnership with American Public Media’s The Splendid Table, where she, Jack Bishop, and other America’s Test Kitchen personalities will contribute weekly segments to The Splendid Table’s podcast and public radio show. Like they did on America’s Test Kitchen Radio, the America’s Test Kitchen group of experts cover all topics of interest to the home cook, from practical tips and product reviews to cooking science and food history.

Check out the official announcement for more information on the collaboration, and then listen to some of our favorite segments we’ve produced for The Splendid Table since January:

Tasting Vegan Mayonnaise

Jack Bishop sits down with Sally Swift and shares the surprising results of our vegan mayonnaise. The surprising part? We actually liked―and even loved―some of them as much as our nonvegan favorite. 
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Simplifying Sourdough

Bridget Lancaster dispatches from her kitchen at home to take the fear out of sourdough: “If you can keep a goldfish alive for a couple months, you can make make sourdough.” 
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Keeping Your Kitchen Clean

Tucker Shaw joins former host Lynne Rossetto Kasper (the show is now hosted by Francis Lam) to share America’s Test Kitchen’s tips for cleaning sponges, sanitizing your sink, and keeping your food out of the “danger zone.” 
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Introducing Proof

America’s Test Kitchen's new podcast goes beyond recipes and cooking to investigate some beloved (deep-fried Oreos) and not-so-loved (once-in-vogue celery) foods, uncovering the hidden backstories that feed your food-obsessed brain. New episodes air weekly on Thursdays.
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