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The Secret to Thick and Glossy Vinaigrette? Mayo.

This vinaigrette will also hold up until dinner is served.

Published July 20, 2022.

A tangy lemon vinaigrette tossed with a bed of crisp mixed greens may be the simplest side for a weeknight meal. However, a broken dressing means an oil slick on the plate and uneven flavors on the vegetables. 

The solution? Mayo. 

In the newest episode of our YouTube series Today’s Special with Ashley Moore, she teaches you how to whisk up a delicious Lemon Vinaigrette with mayo as the secret to its unbreakable appeal.

Mayo is a magic emulsifier. Its thickness and high fat content make it the perfect stabilizer for a vinaigrette. A scant ½ teaspoon makes the dressing glossy, not heavy. The dressing will hold together for hours rather than minutes. Plus, its neutral flavor means the lemon juice and zest shine through. (For a make-ahead vinaigrette that stays emulsified for up to a week, pair it with molasses.)


Today's Special with Ashley Moore

In this delightful YouTube series, Ashley shares her favorite easy, fun, and family-friendly recipes and shortcuts.
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With only a few ingredients you likely already have onhand, it will quickly become your go-to dressing. It takes just a few minutes. Most of that time will be spent whisking and Ashley provides helpful tips to do so:

  • Drizzle oil slowly in a steady stream.
  • If pools of oil develop on top, simply pause your drizzle and whisk to incorporate them.

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