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The Omnivore's Cookbook Blog Tackles Korean Fried Chicken Wings

Our recipe from our Online Cooking School produces sweet-spicy wings that are shatteringly-crisp.

Published June 16, 2017.

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We love fried chicken in the test kitchen—there’s just something irresistible about the deep, golden brown crackly crust and contrasting juicy, moist interior that comes from cooking chicken in hot oil. Our Cooking School course, Focus on Fried Chickenoffers tips and techniques on how to make better fried chicken at home, along with recipes for three different variations. 

Maggie Zhu from the Omnivore's Cookbook blog, recently took our course and made our recipe for Korean Fried Chicken Wings

“When I saw the fried chicken lesson on America’s Test Kitchen Cooking School, I rushed to Trader Joe’s immediately and bought 3 pounds of wings,” Maggie writes. “The cooking results exceeded my expectations!”

After one bite of the Korean Fried Chicken Wings—an exceptionally crunchy, sweet-spicy style of fried chicken—Maggie was sold.

Double frying is crucial for the crunchy texture of our wings. Each batch of wings takes just 7 minutes, and the second fry can be done in one large batch.

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By the end of the Focus on Fried Chicken course, Cooking School students will have learned how to identify the difference between shallow-frying and deep-frying, and how each method works. More importantly, our students will learn how to cook Korean Fried Chicken Wings, Nashville Hot Fried Chicken, and Picnic Fried Chicken.

“The cooking process was such a breeze due to the clear instructions from the course that I’ve actually started enjoying deep frying,” Maggie writes. 

This course will build on the techniques from the Fry Without Fear course by focusing on a variety of fried chicken recipes.

A thin, crispy exterior and a spicy-sweet and salty sauce are the hallmarks of Korean fried chicken.

“Triple-crunch, crispy fried chicken wings tossed in a sticky-sweet spicy sauce—the wings stay crispy even when they’re no longer hot!” Maggie writes.

To help the coating withstand a wet sauce, we double-fry the wings, which removes more water from the skin than a single fry does, making the coating extra-crispy. The Korean chile paste known as gochujang gives our sauce the proper spicy, fermented notes, while sugar tempers the heat. Garlic and ginger—cooked briefly with sesame oil—provide depth.

We dunk the wings in a loose batter of flour, cornstarch, and water, which clings nicely to the chicken and fries up brown and crispy.

“Not only did my biggest fear about deep-frying completely vanish, now I’m confident to say that I can create perfect crispy hot wings in my kitchen!" writes Maggie. “If you love cooking and appreciate good food, check out the America’s Test Kitchen Cooking School. It has more than 200 lessons with videos and pictures to guide you through each cooking process.”

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