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To Cut a Watermelon Easily, Use a Serrated Knife

A watermelon can be intimidating to cut. A serrated bread knife makes it a cinch.
By Published Aug. 18, 2022

In the summer, there are few snacks as refreshing as a nice big slice of watermelon. And if you’re feeding a crowd (or an especially intense watermelon hankering), it makes sense to get a whole melon. 

But a whole watermelon can be really intimidating to cut up on your own. It’s big and heavy and has a seemingly impenetrable rind. Fortunately, the cutting process is actually quite easy—as long as you have the right tool.

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No, it’s not a watermelon slicer—those things are a waste of your money. And no, it’s not a chef’s knife, though that’ll do, too, in a pinch. A chef's knife requires a little more skill and power to use in this situation but will get the job done if you need it to.

It’s actually something you probably have already at home: a serrated knife. Our winner, the Mercer Culinary Millennia 10" Wide Bread Knife, is especially ideal for the task. Its long blade and pointy teeth are perfect for getting a grip on that thick, slippery rind and that bite helps to hold the watermelon steady so that it doesn’t slip around while you’re cutting. Once the blade is in past the rind, it’s a cinch to cut smaller pieces for serving.

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 Here’s how to do it.

1. Split the watermelon in half crosswise

Hold the watermelon steady with one hand and use a gentle sawing motion and some downward pressure. This gives you two smaller halves to work with. 

2. Slice each watermelon half lengthwise

You'll want to saw from the cut side, not the rind. You now have two much more manageable pieces.

3. Slice each quarter into serving-size wedges

Starting from the point of the watermelon slice, cut each quarter into wedges and enjoy!

Slicing watermelonWatermelon slices

Photo credit (lead image): Francesco Carta fotografo via Getty Images