Roast Your Chicken on Top of Potatoes

This one-pan wonder will be your next weeknight go-to.

Published Aug. 31, 2022.

Chicken and potatoes is a warming, filling meal any time of the year. When cooked together, the flavors meld into a complete one-pan wonder that’s sure to be a weeknight go-to. 

But if you’ve ever had trouble getting everything ready at the same time or carving up a whole roast chicken, we have tips for you.

This episode of our YouTube series Today’s Special with Ashley Moore features the classic dish One-Pan Roast Chicken and Potatoes. It looks as good as it tastes and is perfect for easy entertaining with minimal clean-up.

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First, the chicken is seasoned all over with a smoky, lemony, olive-oil mixture. Ashley demonstrates how to lift up the skin to ensure that the meat underneath is seasoned properly and how to tie the drumsticks and protect the wing tips from burning as the chicken roasts.

Next, the potatoes. Yukon Golds have a nice waxy texture that will hold their shape over longer cooking times. Try to get potatoes of the same size and arrange thick slices in an even layer. You’ll give them a head start on the stove to start the browning process and ensure that they can support a whole bird without getting too soft. Then, place the chicken on top and you’re ready to roast.


Today's Special with Ashley Moore

In this delightful YouTube series, Ashley shares her favorite easy, fun, and family-friendly recipes and shortcuts.
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The chicken will be done before the potatoes, but that’s the beauty of this recipe—because the chicken needs to rest for 20 minutes before serving (to reabsorb all those savory flavors), the recipe builds in enough time for the potatoes to finish cooking. 

Crackly chicken skin and tender meat with schmaltzy potatoes–the ultimate textural experience in a simple weeknight meal. 

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