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5 Reasons Why I Never Put Away My Proteak Cutting Board  

Our longtime favorite wood cutting board has earned a permanent spot on my kitchen counter.   

Published Feb. 15, 2023.

KitchenAid stand mixers and Le Creuset Dutch ovens are versatile, high-quality items pretty enough to display in your kitchen when you’re not using them.

But why do they get all the attention? 

There’s another gorgeous piece of equipment that has a permanent spot on my kitchen counter: my wood cutting board. 

My team first tested the Teakhaus by Proteak Edge Grain Cutting Board in 2011. We’ve tested heavy-duty wood cutting boards two more times since then and the Teakhaus has continued to beat the competition.


Proteak Edge Grain Teak Cutting Board

Roomy, knife-friendly, and exceptionally durable, this teak slab was worth every penny. It resisted warping and cracking, showed only minor scratches, never seemed “thirsty,” and—despite its heft—was easy to lift and clean, thanks to handholds on each end.

I bought one for myself six years ago. Both as a professional equipment tester and as a regular person who cooks and entertains a lot, I love it. 

Here are five reasons why I never bother to put it away.

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1. It’s Beautiful

I have a stack of stained, warped plastic cutting boards that I have to hide in a kitchen cabinet when people come over. After six years, the Proteak is still so pretty that I get compliments on it. 

2. Its Size Makes It More Versatile

With the Proteak cutting board, there’s plenty of room to slice up a long loaf of challah or make little piles of herbs and garnishes for dress-your-own dishes such as congee or cochinita pibil. If you’re used to working on a cramped cutting board, you’ll be amazed by the difference it makes. 

3. It’s Perfect for Snacks-for-Dinner

I love an intricate meal as much as the next person, but sometimes I want to put out a smattering of cheese or some easy dips and call it dinner. Those odds and ends look prettier when arrayed on this gorgeous board. (It’s also perfect for a cheese plate at a dinner party or a brunch party with bagels and smoked salmon!) 


Boards: Stylish Spreads for Casual Gatherings

When it comes to entertaining there’s nothing as crowd-pleasing and visually impressive as a well-thought-out grazing board.

4. Maintaining It Is Part of My Regular Routine

Because I see the cutting board every day, I never go too long without remembering to rub a little mineral oil or spoon butter into the board. It may sound like a chore if you’re used to plastic cutting boards, but it’s a quick and satisfying task. I love that I can actually see the wood becoming glossy again. 

5. It’s Durable

I take good care of my cutting board (see #4 above) but I’ve certainly neglected it at times—and I’ve seen some friends cut on it with much more force than they needed. The board hasn’t warped. It doesn’t wobble. And it’s still one of the prettiest things in my kitchen. 

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