A Few Reasons We Love Our Winning Grill Pan 

Besides the photoworthy grill marks.

Published Sept. 19, 2022.

There's nothing I loved more than grilled food—deep char marks that add a smoky quality to everything they touch. Unfortunately, I don’t have the outdoor space to put a gas or charcoal grill

That’s where my grill pan enters the picture (I have our winner, the Lodge Chef Collection Cast Iron Grill Pan, which for a limited time is 20% off in the Shop). I use mine for adding grill marks to paninis or getting a nice crust on burgers and salmon.

The more I use it, the better seasoned it becomes and the easier it is to use. 

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Lodge Chef Collection Cast Iron Grill Pan

This tray-shaped pan was handsome and easy to use. It arrived with a well-seasoned surface that released food and cleaned up easily and tall, well-defined ridges that produced excellent grill marks. At the end of extensive testing, it still looked new.
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This style pan is convenient even if you have a grill but don’t feel like using it (especially during cold winter months). Plus, when paired with our winning grill press, you can make the perfect panini.

Here are a few reasons why we love this pan (and think you will too).

It Leaves Perfect Grill Marks

No matter what I cook on this grill pan, it has beautifully defined crisp grill marks. This is due to the pan’s tall ridges that held food above the drippings—the taller the ridges, the more deeply they mark food.

It’s Easy to Maneuver

The tray-shaped sturdy handles make it simple to move around the stove. And it’s heavy enough to feel substantial, but lifting it is not a workout.

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Flipping Isn’t a Challenge

The low-flaring sides allow you to effortlessly flip food, ensuring that whatever you’re cooking remains intact. Other models with higher sides required us to hold our spatula at an awkward angle to get under the piece of food.

Cleanup Is a Breeze

The pan has a nicely preseasoned surface that releases food easily and cleans up well. The ridges are spaced far enough apart that it’s simple to scrub between them. The more space between the ridges, the fewer nooks there are to trap food. Even after numerous tests, it still looked new and appealing.

The best part? If taken care of well, it can last you a lifetime. 

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