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4 Ingredients + 50 Minutes = Copycat Chocolate Croissants

These flaky, chocolate-filled pastries are ready to satisfy your pain au chocolat craving in under an hour.

Published Sept. 30, 2022.

Making chocolate croissants at home is a high-effort, high-reward task. And while it’s certainly worth all that effort when time is on your side, it’s not exactly an easy-to-make weekend morning treat.

When we were deciding what recipes we wanted to include in our newest cookbook from America’s Test Kitchen Kids, Kids Can Cook Anything!, we knew we wanted to create a simple-but-impressive pastry in our breakfast chapter. 

Enter: Chocolate Pastry Puffs.

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10 ingredients. 45 minutes. Quick, easy, and fresh weeknight recipes.

We start with frozen puff pastry as our stand-in for laminated dough. We gently roll the puff pastry on a lightly floured counter to stretch it into a slightly larger square, then cut the puff pastry into 6 rectangles. 

Add one square of bittersweet chocolate to each puff pastry rectangle and then paint a beaten egg around the edges of each rectangle, fold the puff pastry in half over the chocolate, and seal the pastries shut. 


Kids Can Cook Anything!

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The pastries bake for about 20 minutes, creating an impressively puffed up chocolate-filled treat. (You can even dust the tops of the pastries with confectioners’ sugar, if you like.)

These puffs take only 50 minutes and four ingredients to make, which makes them a relatively easy weekend morning baking project with kids, as well as the ideal treat for adults who don’t feel like walking or driving to the bakery in the morning, and don’t have the patience for an all-day dough-a-thon. (Ahem, me.)  

Chocolate Pastry Puffs

These perfectly puffed-up treats will make you feel like a pastry pro.

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