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Everything Is Funnier with Candy Eyeballs

Candy eyeballs make Halloween-themed treats just the right amount of silly and spooky.

Published Oct. 12, 2022.

A few years ago, the America’s Test Kitchen Kids team made an important discovery: Absolutely everything is funnier with candy eyeballs.

While working on creating Halloween snacks for My First Cookbook, Deputy Food Editor Afton Cyrus used a variety of edible items to give sight to the treats—items such as raisins, mini chocolate chips, and sliced black olives for savory goods. 

But nothing could compare to candy eyeballs for the sheer joy they produced. 


My First Cookbook

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Our favorite ways to use candy eyeballs were on apple monsters and doughnut bats, but you could use them to decorate almost anything, so long as it’s sweet.

Apple MonstersDoughnut Bats

Use them to top cupcakes, cookies, and whatever manner of fruit you’d like to bring to life (seeing a banana with candy eyeballs will bring you more joy than you can possibly suspect).

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For a variety of spooky-ish, but mostly silly, Halloween treats, see the recipes below. You can use mini candy eyeballs, but we also love the larger size for maximum silliness.

Spooky Halloween Treats

Celebrate Halloween with silly and spooky treats.

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