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Become Your Own Butcher: Make Home-Ground Beef Chili

Caroline from the Olive You Whole blog puts her food processor to use and makes home-ground beef chili.
By Published July 17, 2017

Let America’s Test Kitchen help you unleash the power of the all-in-one multitasker gathering dust in your cabinet. Your food processor can do the work of a whole set of knives, a meat grinder, a food mill, a box grater, a mandolin, a stand mixer, a blender—and do it all faster—with just the touch of a button. Pick up your copy of Food Processor Perfection today! 


We use food processors in the test kitchen a lot. From chopping to slicing to shredding, we find that a good food processor is an essential tool for any well-stocked kitchen arsenal. But did you know that food processors are capable of so much more than whipping up a quick mirepoix or tomato sauce?

Caroline of the Olive You Whole blog recently discovered the wonders of a good food processor after receiving a copy of our recent cookbook, Food Processor PerfectionHere’s what she had to say:

“I’m going to be honest with you . . . I’ve had a food processor since we got married almost five years ago, and I just use it for the basic things!” admits Caroline. “I’ve definitely never felt comfortable using the accessories for my food processor or going beyond the basics. That is, until I received this book! It has so many applications for how to use your food processor—I’m loving it! It’s been saving me so much time in the kitchen!”

With your food processor you can achieve the perfect grind for beef, opening up all kinds of possibilities in the home kitchen. Once we’d developed a foolproof method for using the food processor as a meat grinder, we turned to one of our favorite ground beef recipes: thick, spicy, ultrabeefy chili.

“It’s pretty reassuring knowing that your ground beef is only made with chuck-eye roast," writes Caroline.

In this recipe, we also used the processor to make our own chili powder out of toasted dried ancho chiles, chipotle chile in adobo, and paprika, along with a blend of herbs and spices, and ground tortilla chips for added thickness and toasty corn flavor.

To see Caroline's original post and to get the recipe for free, go here! To see how versatile your food processor is, check out these six free food processor recipes from Food Processor Perfection. And for more information on food processors, read these posts: