Spend Less and Give More with These Thanksgiving Host Gifts Under $25

Go beyond the bottle of wine and bring them something they’ll use forever.

Published Nov. 9, 2022.

Congratulations! You don’t have to cook Thanksgiving dinner this year. 

But if you don’t want to show up to the dinner you’ve been invited to empty-handed, you might be stumped about what to bring. Sure, a bottle of wine is never a bad idea, but what if you want to stand out from the crowd?

Don’t worry, we have you covered.

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We talked to the ATK Reviews Team, experts on equipment (and gift-giving!) to compile a list of affordable gifts your Thanksgiving host is sure to enjoy. 

These gift ideas run the gamut of practical to whimsical and, most importantly, won’t break the bank. 

For the Bar Cart

“Personally, I think the best gift for someone who's hosting Thanksgiving is a bottle of bourbon,” says Miye Bromberg, senior editor for ATK Reviews. And we couldn’t agree more. If someone is taking the time to cook an entire spread for a crowd, consider bringing a thoughtful companion to their favorite booze. 

  • A good wine opener, such as the Brabantia Tasty+ Corkscrew ($13.11) (and okay, maybe a bottle of wine), is a great idea for someone who drinks, suggests Sawyer Phillips, assistant digital editor for ATK Reviews. 
  • A champagne saver ($12.08), recommended by Chase Brightwell, associate editor for ATK Reviews, is far more affordable than a bottle of champagne. Our winner is leakproof and easy to use. Plus, if your host has a wine fridge, the flat top ensures it will fit with ease.
  • Or, skip the booze. Carolyn Grillo, senior editor for ATK Reviews, suggests bringing some spirit-free alternatives. Help your tea-loving host relax after the big event with a small bag of loose leaf tea and our favorite tea infuser ($18). Or, bring them a nonalcoholic spirit or cocktail, such as a bottle of Proteau Rivington Spritz. ($24.70) 
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Give a Hand-Drawn Illustration

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Kitchen Essentials

If they're short on tools, here are some handy kitchen items recommended by Lisa McManus, executive editor for ATK Reviews, that are sure to bring a smile to your host’s face. Gift just a few or get creative and build a nice gift basket with a few items for each step of the cooking process.

Prep Tools:

DIY Gifts

A make-ahead mix is the perfect blend of a useful item with a personal touch. They have a lengthy shelf life, so the host need not use them right away.

Kate Shannon, deputy editor for ATK Reviews, suggests pairing the mix with our favorite mini whisk, the Tovolo Stainless Steel 6" Mini Whisk. "It's adorable and surprisingly handy," she says.

Chase suggests the following mixes:

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