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This Pumpkin Bread Is Better than Starbucks

Mini chocolate chips make this easy snack perfectly sweet.
By Published Nov. 9, 2022

October may be over, but pumpkin season continues on. 

This chocolate chip pumpkin bread is reminiscent of the pumpkin loaf you might have had at Starbucks, but the addition of the mini chocolate chips makes it even better—and even more kid-friendly. We should know, since this recipe comes from The Complete Baking Book for Young Chefs.

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This loaf is a quick bread, which means it relies on baking powder and baking soda to give it a lift rather than yeast. And THAT means it’s ready for the oven in a lot less time. Overall, this recipe is easy to put together and makes for an autumnal delight you (and your whole family) will love.

To get the best pumpkin flavor we use pumpkin puree, which we cook with spices on the stovetop before mixing up the batter. This reduces the puree’s water content (no dense, soggy loaves here) and deepens its flavor into the warm, caramelly taste of fall. 

Once the puree is cooked, just mix it up with the other batter ingredients (but don’t overmix—you want to keep the finished crumb tender), stir in the chocolate chips, and pop it in the oven for about an hour.

Who needs Starbucks to get a pumpkin fix?

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