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These Rainbow Carrots Are the Prettiest Side of All

Make a fancy-looking—but not fussy—side dish that takes minimal prep.

Published Nov. 21, 2022.

When you’re hunting for an easy veggie side dish that won’t involve a ton of prep, a bundle of carrots can save the day.

In this recipe, we dress up 1½ pounds of carrots with olive oil and pantry spices, roast them, and serve them with a sprinkle of chopped carrot tops or fresh herbs.

We like using rainbow carrots, but you can use whatever carrots you like.

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10 ingredients. 45 minutes. Quick, easy, and fresh weeknight recipes.

In terms of prep, all you have to do is trim the green carrot tops, peel the carrots, and use your hands to rub your spice mixture all over the carrots before covering them tightly with aluminum foil.

The carrots go into the oven for fifteen minutes, briefly come out for a quick toss, and go back into the oven uncovered to get some browning action on their exteriors.

The result? A side dish that looks fancy, but not fussy. The hardest part of the recipe is remembering to uncover the carrots midway through cooking.

Spice-Roasted Carrots

You’ll love these sweet and savory roasted carrots a whole “bunch!”
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