9 Recipes That Will Make You Feel Like a Great British Baking Show Finalist

On your mark. Get set. Bake . . . along with your favorite contestants.

Published Dec. 1, 2022.

We all know and love The Great British Baking Show. The gentle spirit of the contestants paired with their burning desire to make perfect baked goods is a surprisingly appealing combination.

It’s comforting yet intense. And it makes us want to bake.

Since we’re now in the throes of baking season, we combed through our recipes to find some of the dishes that have been featured on the show. 

You’ll be preparing them in your own kitchen instead of under a tent in the English countryside, but we can guarantee the results would impress Paul and Prue.

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If you’re a fan of a crisp crust, then the rustically elegant Provençal bread Fougasse is for you. (Don’t worry: It’s easier than it looks.) If you’re feeling adventurous, up the flavor ante with asiago and black pepper

Some of the GBBS contestants struggled with this technical challenge, but you don’t have to.


Though a chocolate swirl was featured on GBBS, there are many ways to customize this lacy wafer cookie, from frilly cups to delicate spirals. We chose a cigar roll as an alternative to cooling on a rolling pin, and dipped the ends in chocolate and nuts.


The crispy crust and open, airy crumb of an authentic French baguette make it perfect for toppings. We recommend radishes with chive butter and flaky sea salt for an eye-catching appetizer.

Yes, you can make bakery-caliber baguettes at home!

English Muffins

Fresh, homemade English muffins simply overshadow the pre-made packaged variety. These breakfast treats are riddled with nooks and crannies to hold your favorite jams and soak up a thick pat of melting butter. Be sure to protect them from elbows while they rise.

150 Simple, Savory Recipes

The Savory Baker

From buttery, herbed scones to galettes and flatbreads, there’s so much to explore outside of sweeter baked goods. With a focus on creative flavors, we present a collection of simple, savory baked goods.


Trust us, Dacquoise tastes as good as it looks. This multilayered showpiece of meringue and buttercream coated in ganache might just be the best dessert you’ll ever make—plus you can prepare it the day before.

Walk through every step to preparing this showstopper of a dessert.


Though leaner and not as sweet as their American counterparts, British scones are no less light and fluffy. Our currant scones are slightly crisped on the edges and perfect for breakfast.

Watch our test cook bake round, fluffy scones with a hint of sweetness.


Without the right tools, Florentines can be as fussy and unpredictable as tuile. By making a few recipe adjustments, we were able to produce successful results time and again for a perfectly crunchy lacey cookie. (We even have a reliable gluten-free florentine recipe.)


Once you’ve mastered the meringues, these naturally gluten-free meringue shells filled with whipped cream and topped with fresh fruit make a light ending to a meal. Orange, cranberry, and mint make a great seasonal finish. We recommend leaving out the metallic grey food coloring, but that’s your choice.

Watch Bridget and Julia make this seasonal sensation.

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