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For the Creamiest Eggnog, Add Extra Yolks

Why not make the richest drink even richer?

Published Dec. 9, 2022.

You can always tell the holidays are around the corner when the eggnog hits the shelves. It simply isn’t winter without it.

But the best eggnog is made at home, of course.

For those of us that like a thicker beverage, eggnog is the peak. It’s a lovely dichotomy. A light custard that’s somehow foamy and dense. Its warming flavors of nutmeg and vanilla boldly stand up to a splash (or a glug) of extra booze. 

And because everyone knows more is more, we wanted to make that creamy holiday dream even richer. 

The secret? Add more egg yolks.

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Adding extra yolks enriches egg nog in two ways. It gives a richer mouthfeel for a drink that pleasantly coats the tongue, and it boosts the creamy, eggy flavor that makes the best nog. 

And this is a time-honored technique; we used this same concept to make the richest scrambled eggs.

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The custard that forms the base of the eggnog can either be uncooked or cooked. Our recipe for Holiday Eggnog is the latter, but we can guarantee this version has everything you’ll love about this quintessential beverage. 

Ready to make it? The ratio for the richest, creamiest eggnog is fairly straightforward: 1 extra yolk for every 3 eggs. The custard won’t be too heavy to froth beautifully with freshly whipped cream.

Watch Bridget Lancaster and Julia Collin Davison take eggnog to the next level.

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