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Got Candle Wax On Your Tablecloth? Chill Out. Then Heat Up.

Learn our sure-fire method for removing that pesky candle wax from your tablecloth.

Published Dec. 19, 2022.

Your dinner party has gone off without a hitch. The charcuterie board was a hit, the wine glasses were sparkling, and the table was set to perfection.

But once the last guest leaves and you’re left to clear the plates, you notice that a section of your favorite tablecloth is covered in hardened candle wax.

Disaster? Well, not anymore.

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This usually heartbreaking discovery has been shared among the test cooks and equipment reviewers here at ATK, and we’ve developed a foolproof method to rid your tablecloth of candle wax for good, and return it to its sparklingly clean former glory.

And it’s all about temperature.

How to remove candle wax from your tablecloth

  1. Place an ice cube on the wax to freeze it, then scrape off as much as you can with the edge of a credit card (a knife may cut the fabric). 
  2. Then drape the tablecloth over an ironing board, place a single layer of clean paper towel on top of and underneath the waxy spot, and heat through with a medium-hot iron. The heat from the iron will remelt the wax, which will be absorbed by the paper towel.

It’s really as easy as that! Try this cold-to-hot method the next time a candle wax disaster occurs.

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