20 Tiny Kitchen Resolutions You Might Actually Keep

This year, think small.

Published Jan. 1, 2023.

I can count the number of resolutions I’ve kept on one hand. If I’m being honest, it’s probably more like one finger. 

Last year, I was tired of replacing my nonstick skillets what seemed like every few months. The problem was how they were stored. To prevent scratching, I made a resolution: Every time I washed one of the skillets and put it back in the stack, I would place a paper plate on top of it and underneath it. (A tip I picked up here.)

Sounds simple, right? Knowing my history with resolutions, I wasnt optimistic.

But the first time I did it was on January 1st of last year. I’ve kept it up—and the skillets are in tiptop shape.

It was the simplest resolution I’ve ever made. And it’s the only one I’ve ever kept.

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So this year, think small. Here are 20 tiny resolutions that you can start today and keep up all year long (and beyond).

1. Get better about sharpening your knives. (Sure, you can invest in a knife sharpener. Or you can just use a wine cork.)

2. Every month, make one condiment or spice blend that you usually buy. A few places to start: mayo, chili crisp, hot sauce, smoked salt.

3. Take 5 minutes on a regular basis to organize your spice rack.

4. Start making salad dressing from leftover jam, tomato oil, or pickle brine.

5. Really think about what you’re tossing in the bin, and put it to good use instead.

6. Whenever you prepare butternut squash, overpeel it. (It gives you better flavor!)

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7. Every week, choose a new recipe to try from one of the cookbooks you already own.

8. There’s a difference between those salts in your cupboard. Get to know them.

9. Say goodbye to spotty lemons and make the most of your citrus zest.

10. Learn a new way to keep bread warm at the dinner table. 

11. Get in the habit of making caramelized onions in half the time. (Brown sugar also helps.) 

Watch Cook’s Illustrated’s Lan Lam demonstrate her quicker caramelized onion technique.

12. Learn a new steak-cooking technique: sear perfect steak without a grill

13. Get in the habit of cleaning your coffee pot. You know you need to. 

14. Also get in the habit of cleaning your water bottle. It’s time.

15. Learn how to load your dishwasher properly. (And clean it, too!)

16. Break down a side of salmon (and save money while you’re at it).

Cook’s Country’s Morgan Bolling shows you how to break down a side of salmon.

17. Learn how to peel 15 garlic cloves in 15 seconds. It’s possible.

18. Finally start composting. (OK, maybe this isn’t a tiny resolution. But if you were already thinking about it, take this as a sign!)

19. Stop scoring bread with a dull knife. Get a lame.

20. Get better at saving leftovers and save money in the process.

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