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Why You Should Always Say Yes to Freshly Ground Pepper

Pepper isn’t just about spice. There’s science behind it. 

Published Jan. 5, 2023.

You go out to a restaurant. Your food arrives.

The server asks, “Care for freshly ground pepper?”

Say yes. 1,000 times yes.

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Freshly ground pepper isn’t just about spice. There’s science behind why it improves your food.

Beyond its heat and sharp bite, black pepper enhances our ability to taste food, stimulating our salivary glands so we experience flavors more fully.

But this effect only comes from freshly ground pepper.

Jack Bishop tells you everything you need to know about pepper.

Once the hard, black shell of the peppercorn is cracked open, its aroma immediately starts to fade, and most of its flavor and scent disappear within a half hour.

Don’t waste your money on pre–ground pepper. Replace your pepper shaker with a good pepper mill. Find our favorite pepper mill here.

Next time your server offers fresh pepper, say yes. Always say yes.

Well, yes please. It’s nice to be polite.

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