5 Ways to Make Eggs for Dinner (That Aren’t Breakfast)

Why limit the incredible egg to the morning?

Published Jan. 6, 2023.

Searching for a simple-to-cook complete protein for dinner? Look no further than eggs. 

Sure they’re great scrambled, fried and served over migas, or tucked into a breakfast burrito, but eggs are good for so much more than just breakfast (or breakfast for dinner).

From adding a fried egg on top of pasta for extra protein to whisking eggs into a broth for a luscious soup, these pantry-friendly meals are as easy as they are delicious. Plus, they take hardly any time to cook. A weeknight meal can be on the table in no time. 

Here are five ways to have eggs for dinner. 

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1. Add an Egg to Pasta

With a few basic pantry ingredients (10 including water to boil the pasta), you can make Salerno-Style Spaghetti with Fried Eggs and Bread Crumbs. The best part? We already solved the mystery of getting deliciously al dente pasta and an egg with a creamy yolk on the plate at the same time for a silky smooth dish.

Salerno-Style Spaghetti with Fried Eggs and Bread Crumbs

Hot take: Pasta Cacio e Uova (Pasta with Cheese and Eggs) rivals macaroni and cheese. It’s easier to make, has a ton of flavor, and cooks up in the same amount of time. This isn’t a dish to let sit, however, so serve and eat while it’s hot!

Watch Keith Dresser and Julia Collin Davison expertly whip up Pasta Cacio e Uova, right here.

2. Top (Almost Anything) With an Egg

Indulge in a sweet and savory bowl of Vegetarian Ramen with Shiitakes and Soft Eggs. These eggs provide set whites and fluid yolks, perfect for amping up the creamy body of an already-umami-rich broth.

Vegetarian Ramen with Shiitakes and Soft Eggs

Fried rice is a lifesaver of a meal, especially if you have leftover rice in the fridge. (But if you don’t, you can easily whip up some faux leftover rice.) Kick up your next batch and make Kimchi Bokkeumbap (Kimchi Fried Rice).

Adding a fried egg on top creates a luxurious sauce when you break into the yolk. Our take on this Korean comfort food hits every taste bud with the savoriness of ham, acidity of kimchi, and the spice of gochujang. 

Watch Keith Dresser and Julia Collin Davison make some hearty, satisfying Kimchi Bokkeumbap.

3. Drizzle Egg into Your Soup

Egg Drop Soup is a silky luxury when prepared well. We achieved the perfect consistency with a little cornstarch and patience when it came to streaming in the eggs. Give this recipe a try and surprise yourself with a restaurant-quality soup made with just seven ingredients.

What could be better than a richly spiced broth with tender shreds of chicken and a bright, lemony finish? Avgolemono, a Greek Chicken and Rice Soup with Egg and Lemon, is a comforting bowl of velvety goodness. Our version is hearty and rich, thickened with rice and eggs, and perfect as a meal. 

Watch Bridget Lancaster and Julia Collin Davison make this supereasy soup, right here.

4. Add Some Flair to Your Scrambled Eggs

Layer on the flavor when you make Xīhóngshì Chao Jīdàn (Chinese Stir-Fried Tomatoes and Eggs) for dinner (or anytime, really). Boost the savoriness by whisking toasted sesame oil and Shaoxing wine into the eggs. A host of aromatics such as ginger, scallions, and garlic make this egg dish so good, you won’t believe it took less than 30 minutes.

5. When in Doubt? Make an Egg Salad Sandwich

An egg salad sandwich doesn’t have to be bland or boring. Our recipe delivers the creamiest egg salad with a secret: Cook the eggs a little less. From there, mashing the yolks reduces the need for a ton of mayo. Top your egg salad with what you choose, but we recommend watercress and radishes for a textural contrast and pop of brightness.

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