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Make Key Lime Pie in a Cup

You don’t need a pie plate to make this Florida favorite.

Published Feb. 3, 2023.

Something about me is that I will never not find a dessert cuter when it’s assembled in a cup.

That goes for everything from banana cream pie in a jar to these pint-sized key lime pies.

But the cuteness factor only goes so far. What if I told you that key lime pie cups are quicker, easier, and less messy than their whole-pie cousin?

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For starters, you don’t need a pie plate. Heck, you don’t even need to make a crust at all! We microwave graham cracker crumbs and a pat of butter for a minute until the crumbs are nice and toasty. 

As for the filling, it’s your classic key lime pie filling. In lieu of a pie crust, we transfer the filling to ramekins and bake for just six minutes. Six minutes! Can you think of any other dessert that bakes that quickly?


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Once the mini “pies” are sufficiently cooled and chilled (which also happens faster than your full-sized pies), we dollop them with whipped cream and sprinkle them with those delightful graham cracker crumbs.

Since everyone gets their own individual pie cup, that means there’s no messy cutting or serving, either.

Whether you’re nostalgic for a summery treat in the dead of winter or your Instacart shopper accidentally got you an extra bag of limes, let these fun-sized pies brighten up your day.

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Key Lime Cups

These easy-to-make Key Lime Cups have all the elements of a classic key lime pie—citrusy custard, toasted graham crackers, whipped cream—just kid-sized!
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