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Serve Your Caesar Salad on a Crispy Cheese Frisbee

It takes just one ingredient to make frico, the key to refreshing this classic salad.

Published Feb. 9, 2023.

Do you ever wish you could eat your plate?

In an age of modern marvels such as bread bowls and illusion cakes, it’s not such a big ask. 

And even if you haven’t had that thought, you will when you try this Caesar salad served on a Frisbee disk of frico. It’s a visually interesting way to plate up your salad course and a fun new twist on an old classic.

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Frico is made from just one ingredient: cheese. It hails from the northeast corner of Italy and is traditionally made with a cheese called Montasio. Montasio can be hard to find in the United States, so we use salty, nutty Asiago instead. Both types of cheese are hard, aged varieties, which is important when making frico.

When you melt an aged cheese such as Asiago, it dries out quickly (because it has less water to start with) and then becomes crispy and golden brown. If you tried to make frico with a young cheese such as Monterey Jack, which contains more water, it wouldn’t work. Monterey Jack gets soft and gooey when you heat it, rather than brown and crispy.

To make our frico in this recipe, we simply divide a cup of shredded Asiago into two 7-inch circles on a parchment paper–lined baking sheet and pop them into a 350-degree oven for 12 to15 minutes. 


Crispy Frico Caesar Salad

Kids can take Caesar salad from “eh” to exciting by serving it on a crispy, golden disk of cheese!
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The results are crisp, lightly browned disks of cheesy delight that make the perfect base for the rest of the Caesar salad (and are even better than croutons, if you ask me).

For the salad itself, we use a couple crucial ingredients to make the Caesar dressing as savory and satisfying as possible: Worcestershire sauce and anchovy fillets. Don’t worry, the anchovies won’t bring a fishy flavor to this salad. When they’re minced and mixed with the Worcestershire sauce and the rest of the ingredients, they bring a big umami boost.

You might have had a Caesar salad a hundred times before, but this recipe will make it feel new. Your dinner guests will eat it up—plate and all.

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