I Use These Mixing Bowls Every Single Day

Sometimes it’s the simplest upgrades that let you unlock your full cooking potential. 

Published Feb. 17, 2023.

When was the last time you thought about your mixing bowls

I used to think about mine every time I used them—because they frustrated me constantly. Too heavy, too fragile, off-balance, hard to clean…the list goes on. 

Lucky for me, my colleague Kate Shannon found the best mixing bowls in the world. I bought them, and now I spend far less time cursing bad bowls and far more time cooking peacefully.

In fact, I use them every single day. 


Vollrath Economy Stainless Steel Mixing Bowls

The broad, shallow shape of these inexpensive bowls put food within easy reach and allowed for wide turns of a spatula. These were also the lightest bowls in the lineup, allowing us to comfortably lift, scrape, and pour.

I can’t guarantee our winning metal mixing bowls by Vollrath will grant you inner peace, but I’m confident they will work better than any other mixing bowls you’ve tried.

Here are three reasons why you should scoop up these bowls.

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1. They’re the Perfect Shape

We love these bowls’ wide, gently sloping sides, which allow you to reach every bit of the foods you’re mixing. No more straining to access the depths of cake or pancake batters to get every bit of flour. 

Wider, shallower bowls are also easier to add ingredients to and scoop food out of. They keep you from having to tilt the bowl to an inaccessible angle when pouring and desperately scraping with your spatula, inevitably making a mess.

2. Their Details Make All the Difference

Vollrath’s bowls have large rims that curve slightly outward, which offer two advantages. First, wider rims are easier to grip. They give plenty of space to grasp when pouring or stirring, keeping your fingers clean. 

Second, they’re easier to pour from. Rims that curve outward direct the flow of liquids neatly, allowing you to anticipate where your crepe batter or beaten eggs are going to land. The bowls also have wide, stable bases that help them stay put no matter how hard you’re whisking to coax that heavy cream into whipped cream

These bowls' lightly curved rims help you pour neatly and safely.

3. They’re Endlessly Versatile

I’m not exaggerating when I say I use these bowls every day. I scramble eggs in them for breakfast, eat lunch salads and noodles in them, proof bread dough, melt chocolate, mix cake batter, combine ingredients for meatballs, and whip up sauces and vinaigrettes. I eat popcorn out of them at least 2-3 times a week. They’re lightweight, easy to clean, and incredibly durable. I don’t own a better piece of equipment.  

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