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Sriracha Lime-ify Your Salt

It adds a little bit of zing to anything—and you can make it in your microwave.

Published Feb. 28, 2023.

Salt is a seasoning powerhouse. Used properly, it can take the flavor of almost anything from bland to bold. So, why not cut to the chase and try flavoring the salt itself?

Our recipe for sriracha-lime salt is an easy way to give a recipe a last-minute leg up in both flavor and flair. It’s so simple that it only takes 15 minutes and three ingredients. Plus, you can make it in the microwave.

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We start by combining zest and juice from a lime and sriracha with kosher salt—the sriracha and lime juice contain enough moisture to wet the salt crystals but not so much that the salt dissolves. 

Heating this mixture in the microwave makes the water in the liquid ingredients turn to steam and evaporate, leaving behind lots of flavor—and very little moisture. The result? Crunchy, flaky, spicy lime salt.

You can use flavored salts like this one on all sorts of foods. Try sprinkling it on popcorn, chicken, fish, or vegetables. Or, let it add some zest to french fries, avocado toast, or a bowl of noodles. We particularly love it on edamame, which is how it appears in one of our newest ATK Kids cookbooks, Kids Can Cook Anything! You can experiment with other flavorings too—the book also features a lemon-pepper variation. 

It’s time to start making all your recipes worth their salt. Literally.

How to Make Sriracha-Lime Salt

1. In small bowl, use spoon to stir ¼ cup kosher salt, 2 teaspoons grated lime zest, 1 tablespoon lime juice, and 1 tablespoon sriracha until well combined. Transfer to microwave-safe plate and use back of spoon to spread into even layer.

2. Place plate in microwave and heat for 1 minute. Stir and scrape mixture, breaking up any clumps, and spread back into even layer. Continue heating in microwave until mixture is only slightly damp, 1 to 3 minutes, stopping and stirring after each minute of heating.

3. Remove plate from microwave. Let salt mixture cool completely before using, about 10 minutes.


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